10 Brides Reveal the Songs They Banned at Their Wedding

The right music has the ability to enliven your crowd and really get your reception going. But even one bad song can kill the mood on the dance floor. Worse, the wrong musical choice can make it seem like someone else's celebration entirely. We asked our readers to share the songs that made their "absolute do-not-play" list and which tunes engaged girls are planning to ban. (Perhaps it's time that DJs get the memo about "Macarena" and "The Electric Slide"?)

"'Another One Bites the Dust' by Queen! For some reason, it just irritates me when they play that at weddings." — Krysteen Z.

"I banned the majority of my husband's metal music. Wink." — Jennifer L.

"I haven't had my wedding yet but 'The Chicken Dance,' 'Macarena,' and 'Electric Slide' will not happen! They are over done and over played. They no longer have the significance and fun they once had." — Annalis P.

"'What Did the Fox Say?' Stupidest song ever!" — Audrey O.

"I'm going to ban Taylor Swift. Ugh! Then my fiancé is banning what he calls 'the song about divorce,' 'I Will Survive'." — Andrea E.

"I definitely do not want 'I Had the Time of My Life' from Dirty Dancing as the last song of the night. Too overplayed!" — Jai D.

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"'The Love Shack' — It's a little ol' song that drives me crazy!" — Marie P.

"We told the band specifically not to play 'California Dreaming.' My husband absolutely hates it and it's a bit cliché. But they played it anyway, straight after first dance — disaster!" — Sarah F.

"'All of Me' is way too overdone. I didn't want to hear it at my wedding." — Qiana M.

"'Who Let the Dogs Out.' My dad has an embarrassing drunken dance he does to that. Sob!" — Rachel W.

Jolène M. Bouchon is a regular contributor to Brides.com and a freelance writer.

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