6 Things You Need to Bring to Your Wedding Dress Appointments

Going shopping for your wedding dress can be overwhelming, emotional, stressful, or joyful — and sometimes it's all of those things at once! Is it any wonder so many brides cry when they first step into a gown or finally choose "the one"? As with so many scenarios, the key to having a successful wedding dress appointment is to come prepared. It's ok you're not entirely sure what style, silhouette, or designer you want; there are other ways you can approach this most important day with all of the information you need. We sourced some etiquette expert-approved advice on this. It's useful for all types of brides-to-be, though be warned: There's nothing that can prevent you from tearing up!

• A strapless bra — to give you the versatility to try on all gown styles. You may buy a specific nude or white bra or bustier and a slip after selecting your gown.

• Sheer control-top panty hose or regular sheer panty hose.

• Shoes the same heigh you'll wear on your wedding day (a one-and-a-half to two-inch heel is comfortable for dancing); buy wedding shoes to match the style of dress before the first fitting.

• The hairstyle you plan on (or are thinking of) wearing on your wedding day. If you're undecided on a 'do, then you can plan one around the kind of dress you get.

• Photos or tearsheets of dress styles you like. If nothing comes to mind, bring a photo of a celebrity style icon for inspiration.

• Photos and/or a description of your ceremony and reception site.

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