9 Brides Reveal Their Biggest Wedding-Day Fear

Brides Reveal Wedding Fears

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Unless you're literally the chillest bride on planet earth, chances are, you're currently freaking out about such things like face planting down the aisle, a tornado touching down mid-ceremony or no one showing up to your wedding at all. Rational or not, you're completely convinced the worst will happen and nothing, not even logic, can stop you from stressing. Rest assured though, you're in very good company. We asked a bunch of real brides to reveal their biggest wedding-day fears.

"I'm worried about running out of time the morning of the wedding and not having enough time to get everyone's hair and makeup done." — Ingrid V.

"I have the strangest fear that our wedding cake will fall over when we cut it! We're only having a two-tiered cake, but I made a Pinterest cake stand and I'm nervous that when we cut it, it will fall and come crashing down all over my dress, shoes and the floor." — Allison B.

"My biggest fear is having someone spill red wine on my dress!" — Diana R.

"I have a fear of tripping as I walk down the aisle or falling down the stairs as my hubby and I walk away from the altar! I do love wearing heels though." — Tanya W.

"I have a slight fear of rain since it's an outdoor ceremony, but my biggest fear is getting too intoxicated." — Katie A.

"I'm getting married in April, and my biggest fear is that things won't begin on time. Indian weddings are notorious for starting late so I'm scared the entire schedule will be off!" — Aishwarya

"Not fitting into my dress!" — Andria C.

"My wedding is a little less than a year away, and I'm already having a recurring fear that I won't wake up in time to get my hair and makeup done. For some reason I think that I will let me phone die and be alone in my apartment and won't wake up in time. Then I'll be confronted by knocks at the door and complete chaos." — Shayna M.

"When my sister was the same age as our flower girl (two years old), she ran down the aisle and jumped on my aunt's dress so I'm worried that will happen to me too! Also, our ring bearer is very young, and I'm just hoping he doesn't cry throughout the entire ceremony!" — Lauren H.

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