Duck Dynasty's John Luke Robertson Spills Major Proposal Details!

Duck, duck, love! Newly-engaged Duck Dynasty star John Luke Robertson, who proposed to his girlfriend Mary Kate McEacharn on his 19th birthday last weekend, opened up to Us Weekly about his proposal and betrothal to his girlfriend of six months.

For starters, John Luke, the oldest son of Willie and Korie Robertson, described how he and Mary Kate have known each other for far longer than their courtship would seem to indicate. "We actually met four years ago at a Christian summer camp," he said. Their connection furthered during high school chemistry class. "There was some chemistry!" he added. "I had tried to date her before, and she kept turning me down! I just kept at it and she finally said yes!"

When they finally started dating in March, John Luke's father Willie was certain that Mary Kate was indeed the one for his son. "I just knew," he told Us.

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The duo, who share a deep, unwavering religious faith, capped off an exciting six months with John Luke's adorable proposal last weekend, which he planned under the guise of a birthday celebration. "I made a photo album of pictures from all the way from camp four years ago to now," he said. "She thought she was just coming over to hang with me until the birthday [party]."

The ruse worked; Mary Kate paged through the album uneventfully, until she got to the end. "We got to the last two pages, and I had a note written," said John Luke. The note said, "Love you so much...we've had so many adventures with each other, and I can't wait for the rest of our lives."

The next page upped the ante — it had a picture of an engagement ring! "She looked up at me, and when she looked up, I had the ring in my hand," Robertson said of the round 1.1 carat ring. "I said, 'Mary Kate McEacharn, will you marry me?' And she started crying."

Those tears were mixed with much disbelief, according to Mary Kate. "I honestly had no idea," she said. "We were just going through the book and having a great time laughing and looking at the pictures...I think I went into a stage of shock. I was just like, 'Is this for real?' He was like, 'Yeah.'"

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