Find Out What Role Bachelorette Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray's Beloved Dog Will Play in Their Big Day! (Plus, More Exclusive Wedding Details)

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The past few months have been a whirlwind for former Bachelorette Andi Dorfman. From whittling down 25 suitors to just one lucky guy, Josh Murray, to getting engaged and then moving in together in Atlanta, these two are now ready to hit the ground running with wedding planning. And their first stop to start sorting out every little detail for their perfect big day? Bridal Fashion Week!

Amongst the many runway shows these two lovebirds attended hand-in-hand was Mark Zunino's Fall 2015 runway show yesterday at Kleinfeld in New York City. "This has been our first step right here," Andi told Brides of their planning process following the runway show. "I keep telling Josh and everyone everything revolves around the dress. So step number one is go start looking at dresses."

They're also considering the time and place of their nuptials, but haven't nailed down an exact date yet. Luckily, one location stands out in the running: Atlanta! Conveniently the two lived in the same city before coming on the Bachelorette. "I think we would ideally like for [the wedding] to be in Atlanta," Andi explained. "Our family is all on the east coast so that would be great to have it there. As far as when, we like spring, we like summer — the sooner the better. We're ready to roll."

They're not set on any décor or color scheme, but whatever they choose will be simple and sophisticated. "Josh and I want something that's chic and elegant, but unique," she explained.

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One thing that is settled? Josh has free reign when it comes to food. "I will definitely be doing the food," Josh excitedly announced. "I will be taste testing everything. I will be drinking every form of alcohol just to make sure that's all clean and all good. The wines, I will make sure the wines are all great ..." The former pro-baseball player is open to other wedding tasks, too, adding, "Whatever de-streses her, though, I will help her out."

As for their family's involvements, one member will have a clear-cut role in the wedding: Josh's beloved dog Sabel! "We're trying to figure it out. Is she bringing down the rings or does Josh walk down with her?" Andi continued. "But Sabel will definitely be involved," Josh concluded.

And, for the question everyone has: Will the wedding be televised? "We don't know yet," Andi said. "We're totally into it though," Josh added. "We have a good followers, a lot of supporters and fans that would love to see it and we want to continue that journey and end it with them."

Fingers crossed that they will!

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