Dax Shepard Asked Kristen Bell to Do What?

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Just when you think that they can't get any more adorable, they do. We've already confirmed that Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell are a unique, cute, and undeniably hilarious couple. One thing we didn't realize, though, is just how comfortable these two are with one another. They're so tight that Dax recently asked Kristen to help him shave his nether-regions for a nude scene in his upcoming film This is Where I Leave You.

After detailing his lanky physique on Conan last night, Dax explained that all is tame on his backside — except for, what Andy Richter aptly called a "forest in the valley."

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"My deep fear was that it would look like a werewolf trying to escape my butt crack," Shepard explained to Conan. "So I asked Kristen — the beautiful Kristen Bell that people can already not understand why she's with me."

When Conan asked why exactly would he subject the beautiful Kristen Bell to such horror, he hilariously explained further: "She's the only person I would feel comfortable — well, I didn't even feel comfortable with her doing it," he joked. "It was a terrible experience."

The best part? Kristen totally went with it, humming 1980 classic from the band Lipps Inc. "Funkytown."

Seriously, if they're not the most hilarious married couple we don't know who is. Their daughter Lincoln — and baby number two! — are two very lucky kids with these two goofballs as parents!

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