The 5 Friends Every Bachelorette Party Needs

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While the definition of the "perfect bachelorette party" may vary greatly from bride to bride, everyone can agree that the most important ingredient is a great group of friends to help you celebrate. If you're starting to think about your own bridal bash, keep in mind this very important list of the five friends every bachelorette party needs.

The Shutterbug
If it wasn't photographed, it didn't happen, right? Well... no, but this pal seems to think so. While you might find her snap-happy ways annoying at times, in the end you'll be grateful to have a collection of photos from one of your most beloved wedding events. Just one little disclaimer: Make sure she knows what you'd like kept off social media well in advance of the party.

The Party Starter
No bachelorette party is complete without one firecracker to spice things up. This friend loves to crank up the tunes, pour everyone a drink and make sure the mood is festive (all necessary ingredients for a successful bash).

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The Fearless One
You know the friend — she's the one who's never afraid to approach a group of strangers, get an upgraded seat on an airplane or politely inquire about an on-the-house bottle of bubbly for the blushing bride. In short, she's never afraid to ask for what she wants and she's the perfect girl to have by your side as you soak up your celebrations.

The Mom
A fourth round of body shots with that rowdy bachelor party always seems like a good idea at the time, but alas ... it's usually not. Make sure there's at least one levelheaded friend in your corner that knows when it's time to shut the party down.

The Planner
It's a harsh reality, but bachelorette parties don't plan themselves. Enter, The Planner. This friend is Type A in the very best way. She's never met a to-do list she didn't like, and loves to organize down to the smallest of details. While she may not get all the glory she deserves, the party wouldn't go on without her — which kind of makes her the most important pal of all!

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