Don't Need Extra Presents? Here Are 3 Registry Alternatives

If you and your future husband are already living together, or received a ton of home goods from your engagement parties and showers, you likely are considering not registering for wedding gifts. And that's perfectly fine! Not every couple is comfortable registering for wedding presents, and not everyone needs or wants tangible items. Alternatives, like the following, can fulfill your wishes, can help your guests with gift selection, and may even spread your happiness in unexpected directions.

Charitable gifts: Couples who don't want gifts might steer guests to special charities and nonprofit services. Give close family and friends a list of the causes and contact information you consider worthwhile and ask them to inform other guests. Established charities will notify you of donations made in your name. Keep in mind that some people may prefer to give more traditional gifts regardless, so be gracious if this does occur.

Financial registries:,/strong> Check with your bank or investment house about financial gifts; some now have registries for savings accounts, stocks, bonds, and other investment vehicles. There are even registries for couples who are saving for down payments on houses or automobiles. One caveat: If you want monetary gifts, let your family and friends tell others. Don't initiate discussions about your desire for funds or imply that money matters most to you.

Honeymoon registries: You've probably heard about this one; it's becoming a wildly popular option. Now available through many travel companies and agents and on individual websites like, these registries allow guests to contribute to a couple's honeymoon-trip fund. Just be sure you work with a reputable company and that they have a system for advising you of each person's gift.

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