You'll Never Guess What Russell Brand Said About Being Married to Katy Perry

Russell Brand Katy Perry Loved Marriage

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He speaks! Russell Brand opened up about marriage to Katy Perry on The Today Show this morning in a way he never has before. During an interview with Matt Lauer the comedian dished that he actually "loved" being married to Katy Perry for the 14 months that they remained hitched.

"I really enjoyed it," Brand said of the "Dark Horse" songstress. "Katy Perry is an amazing person."

And while he enjoyed their time together, he admits it wasn't always perfect and that real life got in the way. "What happened was after you get married, like anyone who's been married or come out of a relationship, you obviously have a lot of expectations," Brand added about their split post 2010 nuptials. "And if those expectations don't work out, then it's probably time to grow a big beard and walk around in pajamas. That's my advice."

After documenting the lead up to their divorce in her documentary Part of Me, Katy Perry, for her part too, has been quite vocal about her split from the British funnyman.

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"Now I know — first and foremost, self-love, and then give love away," she recently told Rolling Stone. "Back then it was mostly just me giving love away with no self-love. I went through my 'return of Saturn,' is what they call it."

Though it ended, it seems like they learned a lot of important lessons from their relationship. They don't seem to be doing to shabby, either. Brand is busy promoting his new book Revolution, and Katy Perry was just named this year's Superbowl Halftime performer.

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