3 Tips to Look Perfect in Your Wedding Pictures

Raquel Kelley is an E! Fashion Police producer & wedding blogger living in Los Angeles. While going through the wedding process herself, she felt it was only fair to share with other brides what really happens on the road to the altar. She launched her blog I Guess I Do as an inspirational, yet humorous and realistic take on the world of weddings. It may not be roses, but it will always be true. It's the "Stories Behind The Pretty Pictures."

I know Carly Simon, I know — "You're so vain," but don't we all want to look our absolute best for our wedding pictures? Lord knows we may probably never diet like this again, this could be as good as it gets!

Here are three little tips and tricks to have you looking your best:

1. Because eye said so.
When it comes to wedding makeup, it's easy to go overboard and look like a completely different person. While walking down the aisle, you still want your husband to recognize you. On the big day, the goal should be to look like a 'better version' of yourself.

My biggest trick to achieve this look is with the eyes. False eyelashes should be numero uno on your list. They totally transform the eye and make them pop in pictures. But instead of using the adhesive strips, have someone apply individual lashes instead.

So if one falls off, no big deal, instead of the entire strip popping off. I've lost years off my life due to the anxiety of worrying if my eyelash strips were on straight. No dude likes a girl at the club with the wonky eye.

2. Test before you tan.
Oh, the spray tan — how it can go awry. Yes they may make you look instantly thinner, but only if done right. First off, if you've never had a spray tan before, do not let your first time be the day of your wedding. We can all remember Ross from Friends, "I'm an eight!"

Tans aren't for everyone, but if you want some extra color before the big day, make sure you test it out weeks beforehand. Get a sense of when you like your color best. Lots of times its two to three days after the spray, once the color has had time to settle, which means get the spray a couple days before the wedding.

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Also, be weary of the weather. Once an entire bridal party all got spray tans together, but then walked out only to find it was raining. Rain washes away lots of things, including random parts of your fresh spray tan. So if there is even the slightest chance of rain, bring an umbrella and some long sleeves. The goal is to look lovely not like you have leprosy.

3. Bouquet away from the boobs.
Okay, so this is the most important one yet. My wedding planner kept stressing to everyone to hold their bouquets down by their belly buttons.

With all of the nerves, your first inclination is to hold flowers how you normally would, above your waist. But that's the problem, then no one sees your waist — the smallest part of your body. (Lord knows, we love the waist...)

So in order to show off your entire figure and not block the entire front of your dress, when it comes to flowers think belly buttons and not boobs! You'll notice a major difference in how much slimmer you look in your ceremony pictures just by making that adjustment. If only it were always that easy!

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