3 In-Law Horror Stories You Have to Read to Believe

In Law Horror Stories

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If you've ever seen Monster-In-Law — the movie starring Jennifer Lopez and Jane Fonda, in which the elder actress commits acts so atrocious against her soon-to-be daughter-in-law you can't help but be hysterically horrified — then you might think that these stories from brides were ripped straight from the script. But they weren't — these things actually happened. So grab some popcorn, and thank your lucky stars these tales (hopefully) aren't yours.

"My mother-in-law wore white to my wedding."
Only the bride should wear white on her wedding day, right? Wrong, according to one mother-in-law. "We discussed her attire long before the wedding day, so imagine my shock when instead of wearing the navy dress she told me she'd bought, she showed up in a long, white gown. It was too late to ask her to change, of course, and we look absolutely ridiculous in our family portraits — strangers probably wouldn't know who was the bride if it weren't for my veil!"

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"My father-in-law asked us to have children during his reception speech."
When you have children is a deeply personal decision. But one bride was forced to answer the question at her wedding reception. "We asked family members to offer toasts during dinner," the bride says, "and my father-in-law grabbed the mic and said, 'Starting a family is the most important thing you two will ever do. When do you plan start?' We laughed, thinking he was perhaps making a joke and referencing sex on our wedding night, but he stopped and waited for our answer! In front of all our wedding guests, we had to say that we planned on waiting a few years."

"My mother-in-law told my fiancé I didn't have 'family values.'"
After divulging to her future mother-in-law that she only saw her extended family once a year, this bride got more than she bargained for from the brief exchange. "My family lives in New York, while we live in Ohio," the bride explains. "When I mentioned to my mother-in-law that we only make the drive about once a year to see my aunts and uncles, she pulled my [now] husband aside and told him I clearly don't have family values, and that she was scared over how I would raise our children!"

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