10 Minutes with Rita Vinieris of Rivini

10 Minutes with Rita Vinieris of Rivini

Photos: Courtesy of Rivini

Rita Vinieris debuts her new Spring/Summer 2015 collection for Rivini this afternoon at the Park Hyatt in New York City as part of Bridal Fashion Week, and we sat down with the designer before the show to hear all about her inspiration, her unique in-house embroideries, and what to expect from the exciting new collection.

The designer is inspired by all things beautiful.
"I'm always inspired by the social, cultural moment in which I create a new collection," Vineris says. "Anything beautiful that my eyes come across can inspire the collection — architecture, travel, an accumulation of everything I see in my life." Vinieris designs for a particular bride, describing her customer as, "confident, with her own personal style, she's quite cultured, and she's got a bit of an edge. She's looking for a gown that expresses her personal style."

The new season is all about "quiet seduction, mixed with architectural romance."
"At the moment I love working with all the light and airy fabrics, I love all the different types of organza — everyone thinks there is only one kind of organza! Everything we do is silk, so I like mixing different fabric weights with beautiful French laces and nets," says the designer. "

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You won't find Rivini's embroideries anywhere else.
"We do all of the embroideries for Rivini ourselves, through a combination of threadwork and mixing different elements, like some chalky stones and irregular beads, and unique crystals woven into the embroideries," explains the designer.

Vinieris celebrates the sleeve.
Asked about her favorite bridal trends, the designer exclaimed, "I love that sleeves have come back!" She called sleeves, "refreshing," noting that designing around the perennial strapless trend had become a bit tired.

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Her top styling tip? Step away from Pinterest.
"Take a step back and think about who you are, and what your personal style truly is," recommends the designer. "It's really easy to get carried away with different wedding hairstyles and makeup for weddings that you might see on Pinterest." She adds, "Don't get carried away by a trend. If you don't typically put your hair up when you go to a formal event, I would leave it down for your wedding."

Your color theme should be an expression of your personal style, not just a color story.
The designer's style logic about wedding hairstyles also applies to bridesmaids dresses, too, "If you don't wear pastels when you go out, don't put your bridesmaids in pastels. Your color theme should also be an expression of your personal style, not just a color story. If you typically are into wearing beautiful neutrals, put your bridal party in a beautiful neutral palette, or if you love to wear bright colors yourself, consider putting your bridesmaids in your favorite shades. It's about carrying your sense of style in every detail you do throughout your wedding day."

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