Crowd-Pleasing Edible Wedding Favors: The Cookie Edition

We can't think of any sweeter wedding favor than delicious just-baked cookies for your guests to bring home. If you love cookies as much as we do, check out these six creative ways to make your cookie favor extra-special.

Personalized Cookies (above): These adorable heart-shaped cookies are from Cake Creamery, a bakery in Southern California. You could also DIY these treats by purchasing a cookie-stamping kit and baking them at home.

Macarons: Who doesn't adore these elegant French almond-flour cookies? You can usually order them in flavors and colors to match your wedding palette; box them up with a label and they can also double as escort cards.

Shortbread Cookies: These anchor-stamped shortbread cookies are packaged in cellophane and tied with striped ribbon — the perfect sweet complement to a nautical wedding by the sea.

Black-and-White Cookies: Pay homage to your wedding location by offering a locally made treat. These miniature black-and-white cookies are perfect for a wedding taking place in New York City.

Handpainted Cookies: These frosted and painted cookies by Brooklyn-based Sogi's Honey Bakeshop are almost too pretty to eat!

Cookie Mix: If you and your groom enjoy baking and cooking together, give your guests a mason jar fiilled with dry ingredients for cookies; top it off with a cute custom thank-you tag.

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