Why Doesn't Lo Bosworth Remember BFF Lauren Conrad's Wedding?

Lo Bosworth on Lauren Conrad Wedding

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There's one fail proof way to know if your friends and family had a great time at your wedding — if they're a little fuzzy on the details! And if you use that as your gold standard for whether or not your wedding was a serious party, then Lauren Conrad's recent wedding to William Tell was a blast.

HuffPost Live sat down with Condrad's long-time BFF and bridesmaid Lo Bosworth to chat all-things wedding, and the reality star-turned chef dished on the behind-the-scenes details of the couple's big day ... well, at least the ones she can remember.

"It was a beautiful wedding, she was one of the most dazzling brides I've ever seen," Bosworth gushed. "Not a bridezilla at all, but she's not like that, she's fantastic. I wouldn't expect anything different from her."

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But that's all Bosworth really recalls. When asked her professional opinion of the menu options, Bosworth admitted that she wasn't quite sure about that part of the evening. "The food was ... good. I was a couple of cocktails deep, what did I eat? I don't remember! I remember it being delicious."

Though Bosworth had nothing but amazing memories of Conrad's planning skills and expertly-executed designs. "She did lots of DIY, she was crafting for weeks and weeks," Bosworth said. "She made a lot of the things that you saw. And it was such a beautiful tablescape — not one piece of china, not one piece of silverware, not one cup was identical to another piece on the table. So there was so much love and effort that went into it. It was really lovely."

And while most women aren't huge fans of their bridesmaid attire, Bosworth approved of the mismatched blush pink gowns the ladies wore. "Lauren just launched Paper Crown Bridal ... They have all of these amazing bridesmaid dresses now," she said.

It sounds like a great time was had by all!

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