How to Preserve Your Wedding Dress and Accessories

Your wedding dress, as well as your shoes, your veil, and your bouquet, are treasured items even before you wear them on your big day. Even if you're not planning on wearing or using them again (or passing them down to your daughter), you probably want to save them so they look as pretty as they did on your wedding day! You want to take as much care with your wedding clothing after the event as you did before. Here are some practical ways to store your wedding attire so that it will stay fresh and wrinkle-free for years to come.

Wedding dress: Have an attendant or relative hang your gown up as soon as you take it off. Get it to a professional cleaner who specializes in wedding gowns, particularly in the event of spots or champagne spills. The cleaners will then clean and store the gown in a sealed box or container. Store the box or container on a high shelf in a closet or in the attic.

Bouquet: If your freezer is large enough, store your bouquet inside until you return from your honeymoon. When you return, have it freeze-dried by a florist or dry it yourself by hanging it upside down in a dry place.

Shoes: For cloth shoes, sponge with a cloth and a mild detergent; when dry, put them away in tissue in a box. For leather shoes, polish and store. If tough grass stains are on shoes, have them cleaned professionally, no matter what the fabric.

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