Want to Be a Great Son-in-Law? Take After Seth Rogen (Yes, You Read That Right!)

Seth Rogen and wife Lauren Miller

Photo: Lauren Miller Rogen via Twitter

While funny man Seth Rogen seems like an unlikely source of inspiration when it comes to being a good son-in-law, the actor exemplifies what it means to blend two families. Case in point: Rogen is using his Hollywood status to help raise awareness for his mother-in-law's disease, early onset Alzheimer's.

Rogen married his girlfriend of nine years, Lauren Miller, in 2011 and has been an intimate part of her family — and their battle with Alzheimer's — since that time. In February, Rogen testified before a Senate committee about his family's personal battle with the disease. "I started dating my wife, Lauren, nine years ago, when her mother was almost 54-years-old," Rogen said in his speech. "The first time I met her parents, being the mensch that I am, I was excited to spend time with them and make Lauren think I was the type of guy she should continue dating. It was this trip, the first time I met my now-mother-in-law, that Lauren first admitted to herself, and then to me, that something was off with her mother."

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In an effort to help aid families like his own and push for research for the cause, Rogen started Hilarity For Charity, a variety comedy show that will raise funds and awareness for Alzheimer's.

"Comedy is 'the something' we're actually capable of doing," Rogen told People. "Because it's such a bummer, we thought it might be nice to, in some way, make it fun for people. It would be nice ultimately to discover a cure. I hope we're able to capture the attention of more young people, and get the disease the type of funding it deserves."

On October 17, Rogen will host the third annual show in L.A. to benefit the Alzheimer's Association. And though he's known for his hilarious films and irreverent stand-up, the philanthropic son-in-law has taken great strides towards bettering the life of Miller's mother — according to Entertainment Tonight, Hilarity for Charity was has already raised $1.5 million for the cause.

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