4 Life Lessons to Take Away from Wedding Planning

Think wedding planning is all tulle and peonies? Think again. The road to matrimony is paved with poignant moments and important life lessons that every bride should take note of. Here are a few key things you might learn along the way.

1. Anything can be done ... in small steps.
When a bride first begins planning her wedding, the amount that needs to be done can feel insurmountable. "How can I plan a 200-person wedding when I can't even decide which save the date to use?"

The problem here lies in considering what needs to be done in totality, instead of individual tasks. Of course, you cannot make every decision for your life-changing event at once! You can, however, break your to do's into individual tasks and handle them singularly.

It's an important life lesson to remember when challenges or changes seem insurmountable. Marathon runners don't wake up one morning and decide to go for a 26-mile jaunt. Instead, they reach the finish line by training in intervals (and eating pasta... which also may be the fastest route to happiness).

2. Priorities are important.
Unless you're blessed with a Kardashian-sized wedding budget, chances are you've had to learn the word "prioritization" while planning your wedding. It's a process that may seems like the ultimate evil when you're forced to cut back on floral arrangements, but prioritizing is actually a blessing because it forces you to assess what really matters most to you — in your wedding, and in your life. Let your priorities color your choices, and you can't go wrong.

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3. People matter most.
Go ahead and call us sappy, but weddings prove time and time again, that what matters most of all is the people you surround yourself with. Even if the cake topples; the rain falls; and the priest stutters, a bride and groom are ecstatic on their big day because they're marrying each other surrounded by their favorite people. It's a fact that extends far beyond the wedding day: life is brighter when you spend your days with the ones you love.

4. Life goes on.
When planning a wedding it pretty much feels like your big day will be the culmination of humanity. When you dedicate so much of your time and effort to something — whether it's a wedding, a career goal or a personal loss — it hard to see past the horizon. Surprisingly, though, the world always keeps turning.

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