He Said What!? Grooms' Most Clueless Wedding Planning Moments

Grooms Clueless Wedding Planning Moments

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From the amount of money it takes to actually throw a wedding to the insane amount of time you have to put into planning it (and let's be real, everything else in between), some grooms just don't get it and frankly never will — even after they're married. We asked a bunch of brides and wedding planners to spill the beans on the cutest, most clueless and often infuriating things they've heard come out of grooms' mouths during the planning process.

"He suggested we could just ask people if they could come or not so we didn't have to bother sending out an invitation. Saves a stamp and we can invite other people instead was his theory. I had to tell him it didn't work that way." — Lauren D.

"I had a groom who didn't understand why we needed bag pipes at the reception. I corrected him ... We needed pipe and drape." — Lynn D.

"He had no idea there were two rings! He thought that there was only the engagement ring and looked at me like I was crazy when I mentioned the wedding band. I had to sit down and explain to him that there were two rings and the wedding band is to be exchanged during our ceremony." — Natalie H.

"One guy said, 'Don't worry babe, worst comes to worst, me and my friends can just go to JCPenney to get our suits the week of the wedding.'" — Jacqueline R.

"A groom wanted to know why we had to rent tables and chairs for every single guest as opposed to asking everyone to eat in shifts." — Veronica C.

"He thought we could basically just send out Facebook invites and that flowers would cost a few hundred bucks. He was so clueless!" — Katie C.

"My now husband was surprised that after the engagement ring and wedding ring, he still owes me a wedding gift. He had no idea that was a tradition." — Andria C.

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