On Bended Knee: Our Readers Share Their Sweetest Proposal Stories

It will be one of your life's most memorable moments when he asks for your hand in marriage. We asked our readers to share how their guys popped the question, and we got everything from sweet to exotic to daring stories.

"I had just gotten out of the shower, walked downstairs with a towel on my head and slippers on my feet, turned the corner, and he and his 7-year-old daughter were both on one knee. He was holding a ring and she said, 'Will you be my stepmommy and marry my daddy?' It was so precious and perfect." — Joni W.

"My husband races sprint cars. He was racing the night he proposed. During the intermission, he had his car pushed out onto the track and asked me to come to his car. He grabbed the microphone and got down on one knee. He asked me to marry him in front of over 1000 people! After I said yes, the whole crowd jumped up and started cheering." — Miranda L.

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"He tattooed it on his leg! He went big since we were dating almost 12 years before he proposed. I was completely blown away!" — Kristen S.

"We were the only guests on New Year's Eve in a tiny inn high up in the Ecuadorian Andes. Both of us had bad altitude sickness! But after a glass of vino and a lovely meal of vegetable stew, he proposed. I was swooning with love and nausea from the bends!" — Anu M.

"I love coloring, so he made me a small coloring book with our story. On the last page, he had my full name and it said, 'Will You Marry Me?' Then I turn around and he is on one knee, shaking with the ring in his hand." — Erica A.

"He took me back to the kindergarten we went to together and proposed on the playground where we had had a Valentine's Day picture taken way back when." — Sarah P.

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"He made me dress up, which was strange: We were just going out to dinner. The cab took us to the street we first lived on in NYC. He pulled me into the middle of the road right outside our old apartment and directly in front of old St. Patrick's cathedral, got down on one knee, and proposed! I was shocked and a little embarrassed (so many people about!!), but felt ecstatic. In my head now, it's completely like a storybook romance. A great memory!" — Sarah F.

"We didn't know each other. Three days after our first date, he said, 'I want you to have my babies, but you have to marry me first.' I said, 'Okay.' It's been 16 years, and we had some babies." — Kavell T.

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"He came into the diner where I was working, carrying a little box wrapped in purple wrapping paper topped with a purple bow. He placed the box on the counter and kinda scooted it towards me. Then he mumbled what sounded like, 'Are you mad at me?' I responded, 'No, why?' His face was priceless! It then dawned on me what he really said, and my response quickly changed." — Jessica W.

"My fiancé had a harvest party and invited all of our family and friends over. He bought 20 pumpkins for the kids to carve. My friend asked me to show her where our bathroom was. When I came back, there was a 200-pound pumpkin lit up and carved with, 'Will you marry me?' It was at night and all of the pumpkins were lit up." — Amanda R.

"Funny thing is, we had been fighting for weeks because he was always busy and I had no idea what was keeping him so busy that he couldn't spend time with me! So he took me on a helicopter ride to see the sunset in NYC and had it all set up with huge letters on Pier 17 saying: 'Will you marry me?' It was the most perfect sunset ever! So ladies, trust him when he says he's busy!" — Betania B.

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Jolène M. Bouchon is a regular contributor to Brides.com and a freelance writer.

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Watch This Groom Surprise His Bride with a Special One Direction Dance!

[embedded content]

Many grooms give their bride a thoughtful gift on their wedding day. But earlier this month, Seth Fickett went above and beyond to surprise his new wife, Natalie, with a seriously unforgettable wedding present. The gutsy groom, along with the help of his six groomsmen, broke into a choreographed rendition of One Direction's "What Makes You Beautiful."

According to Huffington Post, just after their early August nuptials in Quakertown, Pennsylvania, the groom took to YouTube to show off his thoughtful gift — and consequently, his dance skills. "I wanted to give Natalie, my beautiful bride, an awesome gift at the wedding reception. So I asked my brother/best man, Asher, to secretly help me choreograph a dance for the groomsmen to practice at the bachelor party," Fickett wrote on his YouTube channel.

After enlisting his brother to create the challenging dance, which includes everything from flips to trust falls, and even hoisting the bride and groom into the air, the group gave it their all on the day of the wedding. The result? An incredible routine that might even put the 1D boys to shame.

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In the video, edited by the groom's dad John Fickett, the bride happily dances along and cheers on her new husband.

Fickett took to his Facebook page to thank his groomsmen for all their help, writing, "Over 50,000 views!! Can I just say how awesome my groomsmen are?!"

We love these amazing wedding dance routines, and have to say the energy and excitement from this wedding party makes this one of our favorite clips yet! Great work, guys!

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Copy-Cat Alert: How to Deal When Your Friend Is Stealing Your Wedding Ideas

Friend Stealing Wedding Planning Ideas Etiquette Tips

Photo: Getty Images

Your wedding is likely to be the most personalized event you'll ever throw. And considering all the thought and hard work you'll put into preparations, it stings when you discover a friend is "stealing" your ideas for her own big day. But a copycat wedding planner in your inner circle is likely just looking for a little inspiration of her own.

"For some brides, the planning of a wedding can be such an overwhelming experience that they don't know where to start. They're going to look to their friends, someone they know and trust, someone who also happens to be planning a wedding at the same time [for ideas]," says wedding planner Christa DeHuff of New York City's A Central Park Wedding. "I don't know that it's malicious necessarily. But because you spend so much time on your wedding, it can feel like a personal attack."

If that's the case, take a step back and try to put things in perspective. Is your fellow bride-to-be actually copping your original style, or are you both looking at the same Pinterest boards and vendors because they're popular?

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"There's going to be some overlap if you live in the same city, have the same friend group, and plan the same wedding month, so we have to look at the situation realistically," says relationship expert Melanie Ross Mills, author of The Friendship Bond.

Mills says cases of idea theft are often rooted in fear of breaking from the herd. "We're fearful of stepping out and doing what we'd really like to do because we're afraid it won't be accepted or approved of," she says. "And so if everyone's doing a certain color scheme and we would like to do the exact opposite, there's fear involved because we want to impress our guests." Her solution: "Ask yourself, 'Am I trying to impress others or am I really planning a wedding that is about us as a couple?'"

Help your friend through that self-examination exercise by taking a collaborative — not confrontational — approach when chatting about her wedding plans.

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"Ask her questions like how she visualizes her wedding day," suggests DeHuff. "Maybe she didn't even think about it, maybe she just got overwhelmed and was like, 'I'm just going to go into the details and do what she's doing.' Spend some time with her to think of the ideas that reflect her personality and style. Go to a bridal store or flower market where you can discuss what she's thinking and see ideas in person rather than going off what you have."

But even if your weddings do share some elements, they're minor details in the grand scheme of things. "We forget that the wedding is about the couple getting married," Mills says. "It's your heart that's being reflected in your wedding. Really and truly, no two weddings will ever be the same."

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A Pinterest-Approved Wedding Trend You'll Love: Cloche Centerpieces

Terrariums are a big trend right now but if you want a glass-enclosed look that's a bit more feminine and romantic, try a cloche centerpiece. Cloches come in a variety of shapes and sizes and have multiple uses — of course, you could display flowers or greenery inside, either displayed solo or grouped together. But think beyond flowers and use the cloches for your table numbers, cake, or even wedding favor. Here are our favorite creative cloche ideas.

Trio of Cloches (above): A grouping of three bell jars in different sizes, each filled with flowers, greenery, and moss, makes such a graceful, romantic centerpiece.

Boho Cloche Centerpiece: For added visual interest, elevate the cloche on a pedestal and mix in other smaller arrangements and candleholders.

Rustic Cloche Centerpiece: For a more rustic look, display the cloches on cut-wood bases and set them on burlap table runners.

Photo Display: If you're looking for a budget friendly alternative to flowers, consider a display of photos of you and your groom throughout your relationship, prettily displayed under glass.

Escort Cards: Tuck guests' escort cards beneath a miniature pedestal cloche.

Table Number: If you're up for a DIY project, create these moss-covered numerals and display them in a bell jar — you won't really need additional centerpiece flowers.

Wedding Favor: Delight your guests by giving them a miniature cloche containing a succulent plant to take home.

Wedding Cake: Display a simply frosted cutting cake in a bell jar for all your guests to admire. (And how cute are those wooden cake toppers?!)

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Your Weekly Wedding Horoscope: August 25, 2014

Wedding Horoscope

Photo: Getty Images

Planning a wedding can be a ton of fun, especially when you've got the stars on your side, right? From picking out wedding gifts to creating a dreamy flower wall, let astrologer Joan Porte help guide you through this week's big decisions. Below, her horoscopes for the week ahead.

Aries (March 21 - April 19)
Your ruling planet, Mars, is in passionate, secretive Scorpio right now, making it the perfect time to purchase a hot little gift to surprise your groom on your wedding night or on the honeymoon. Think sexy lingerie, or go ahead and book a boudoir photoshoot with a professional photographer.

Taurus (April 20 - May 20)
Lucky you! Your sign is ruled by the goddess of love, Venus, which is currently transiting fiery Leo. Leo loves the spotlight and although Taurus is a bit more reticent, there really is no better time than now to shine. Say yes to a drop dead gorgeous dress and veil that'll have all eyes fixated on you as you walk down the aisle. This is your moment; own it.

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Gemini (May 21 - June 20)
Your fast moving ruler, Mercury, is in quiet Virgo for a few days. This is typically a tough transit for multi-tasking, chatty Gemini, but try to take advantage of Virgo's inward ways to see what you've been missing. It's probably the sound of your partner's voice, right? Really listen to what he has to say. Ask yourself if it's been a 50/50 planning process or if you've been off doing 1000 different wedding things without taking his needs into consideration.

Cancer (June 21 - July 22)
Ruled by the Moon, you're always at risk of being overwhelmed by your emotions. With the Moon hugging close to the Sun right now, it's much easier for you to connect to your inner feelings. Take a few deep breaths and assess whether or not your wedding plans are on track because you want them to be or if you're simply trying to please everyone else at the expense of your own happiness. Then don't be afraid to speak your mind before it's too late.

Leo (July 23 - August 22)
Leo women may know what they want, but this week, with the Sun's recent incursion into hypercritical Virgo, it's important to keep that Leo Bridezilla tendency in check. You don't need to send your bridesmaids' back to the shoe or dress store another time, do you? Breathe. You and your entire bridal party will look stunning no matter what happens.

Virgo (August 23 - September 22)
Hiding away at home is much easier for you than all of this elaborate planning, You hate being the center of attention and if it were up to you the wedding would be in a small garden and the guests would nibble on gluten free cookies instead of cake. Hey, isn't your wedding supposed to be up to you? Well with your ruler, the asteroid Vesta, now in Scorpio you can make that happen. Tap into your inner Scorpio strength to make yourself heard and have the wedding you want!

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Libra (September 23 - October 22)
Daughter of Venus, your ruler is near expansive Jupiter right now so do let your imagination run wild. Want to create a dreamy flower wall? Go for it. Feel the need for more champagne? Why not? Go big, but don't get too crazy or your bank account will really feel the pain when the bills start rolling in.

Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)
Pluto is in retrograde this week, making Scorpio more secretive than usual. Please remember to let people into your planning process, as you can't do it all yourself and your friends and family certainly can't read your mind. If not, you can start that downward cycle of brooding that nothing is getting done and get even more internalized. Make a plan and then as the song says, "express yourself."

Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)
This bride-to-be is on fire! With your ruler, Jupiter, in Leo (another fire sign), everyone better watch out. You are ready to get this planning done and over with so the real party can begin. Keep in mind that too much fire can lead to some scorching though. Take a time out to relish the journey and not just plow ahead full steam. Not everyone has your stamina so your maids will definitely appreciate a spa break just about now to recoup their energy.

Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)
Your ruler Saturn is conjunction Mars and that is always a mixture that can lead to explosions. It's the classic case of cold (Saturn) and hot (Mars) colliding. You are the slow and steady wins the race type of woman so I would warn any vendor trying to push their ideas on you to step away before the goat goes on a rampage. Just walk away from the pushy ones; you don't need any help making up your mind.

Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)
Uranus is caught up in a funky disharmony with Pluto right now causing havoc all over the world. Having a ruler in turmoil can make you a bit more edgy than normal. Since Aquarius always dances to her own unique tune and doesn't often listen to advice, there can be some stressful times ahead. Open your ears and heart to ideas you are receiving and honestly assess why you are feeling the need to reject them all without giving them proper consideration.

Pisces (February 19 - March 20)
Dreamy, dreamy, dreamy, that is you Pisces. However, with Neptune in retrograde now and in the Piscean constellation, you might be too caught up in your fairytale. Set a realistic budget and a timetable that you will stick to. I know facts and figures aren't as fun as your reverie's but you have got to get it done!

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From The Carters to Kimye: The Best Married Couples Moments from the MTV Video Music Awards

Beyonce Jay Z and Blue Ivy at the 2014 MTV VMAs

Photo: Getty Images

MTV's Video Music Awards always offer up something to talk about the next day: the Robin-Thicke-Miley-Cyrus debacle, a python-toting Britney, and a baby announcement for Beyoncé. But this year, the only thing we're talking about are the couples.

With Beyoncé and Jay Z stealing the show, Behati Prinsloo and Adam Levine making their first appearance as a man and wife, and the many allusions to Kanye with a stoic Kim sitting in the audience, we're breaking down the best moments from last night's VMA's.

Blue Ivy and Jay Z presenting Beyoncé with the Video Vanguard Award: Let's face it: Everyone was watching the VMAs in anticipation of Beyoncé's uninterrupted performance at the end. As always, Queen Bey didn't disappoint, but it was two surprising cameos that really solidified it as the most memorable moment of the night. After watching Bey's performance from the audience, Blue Ivy and Jay Z hit the stage to give Yoncé her award. With a heart-gushing "Good job, mommy!" courtesy of the two year old and an unexpected show of public affection from Hova — a kiss! — the King and Queen swiftly quelled any divorce rumors. (Oh, and watching Blue dance to her mommy singing ***Flawless, was, indeed, flawless.)

Adam Levine Behati Prinsloo 2014 MTV VMAs

Photo: Getty Images

Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo made their first appearance as a married couple: Not only did they look adorable on the red carpet in matching leather outfits, the newlyweds also looked super cute in the audience. Plus, we got a great look at Adam's wedding band, a sleek, thick platinum band, while he was performing on stage.

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Kim Kardashian 2014 MTV VMAs

Photo: Getty Images

Kim trying not to show emotion during the Kanye impression: If the Carter family won the VMAs, than SNL's Jay Pharaoh came in a close second with his hilarious, on-point impression of Kanye West. Though she chuckled, Mrs. Kardashian West was clearly uncomfortable as he talked about her brand-new hubby. To be fair, we wouldn't know what to do either!

What was your favorite moment from the 2014 VMAs? Sound off on Facebook!

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I Hate My Engagement Ring! Now What?

Don't Like Engagement Ring Etiquette TipsPhoto: Getty Images

Your heart races as he drops to one knee, and you're nodding your yes before he's even finished the question. Your excitement peaks as he peels open the velvet box he holds in his hand — and then, like an untied balloon, the excitement whooshes out of your body in a giant, deflated rush: You don't like the ring.

Keep your mouth firmly shut at first, suggests Michele Velazquez, owner of The Heart Bandits, a company that helps men plan the perfect proposals. "That would really make him sad, and make him feel like he didn't do a great job with his entire proposal," she explains.

After the initial shine of your engagement has worn to the buffered glow of a satin finish, pipe up. "Because every time you look at it, the voice in your head will remind you how much you hate it — and that will cause resentment and annoyance," explains relationship expert Dana Corey. "If you are constantly reminded of your disappointment in his choice, it will color your relationship."

Broach the subject slowly and in private. "Like any sensitive subject, you want to choose a time when you're feeling open and loving, not when you're in a disagreement or feeling upset. It's one of those intimate, vulnerable conversations that will set the tone of your marriage for the decades to come," Corey says. Acknowledge the love and thought that went into your fiancé's choice, and explain that it's not your intent to hurt his feelings.

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Consider the sandwich approach of praise-news-praise, says Velazquez, who suggests saying something like: "You did such a great job with the proposal and I felt so special. However, I really think this engagement ring would look better if it were a halo shape. Would you mind if we take it in to fix that? You are so amazing, and I know you worked really hard on making everything perfect."

But be realistic about what can be done. If the ring is an heirloom, or if what you have in mind simply isn't within your fiancé's budget, be happy with the ring you received. Remember: You're getting married to the man, not the ring. "The question I would ask is, 'Are you committed to creating a happy, harmonious life together?'" Corey says. If nothing can be done, or you've upset your fiancé, "breathe, apologize for being materialistic and get over it. Or reconsider your motives, and be honest with yourself about whether you're ready for marriage."

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4 Times It's Okay to Say "No" to Your Parents While Wedding Planning

How to Say No to Your Parents While Wedding Planning

Photo: Getty Images

Times have changed — your moms didn't get to plan their own weddings, their moms made all the big decisions. Nowadays, brides and grooms are picking up the bulk of the tab and they want to make the choices for themselves. Having a wedding in your hometown makes it really hard to fight your mother on venue, flowers, and even hotel selection for your guests. You have to learn to say "no." Be nice about it and find a way to include the mother of the bride or mother of the groom if she really wants to help, but you must stand firm about your choices. Here are the four things most likely things you'll have to say "no" to your parents about:

1. The guest list
You want "x" number of guests total, but your parents have more than "x" on their own lists. Let them know they're not obligated to invite every friend who ever invited them to their child's wedding and give them a set number of invites they're allowed to extend.

2. The ceremony plan
Maybe one of you was raised Jewish or Catholic and your parents are insistent that you have a religious ceremony even though neither of you are religious and don't attend church or a synagogue together. A non-denominational minister is very common and you can insert whatever religious influences you want in your ceremony. This is a decision made by you and your future husband — not your parents.

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3. Your wedding dress
It's possible your mother doesn't agree with your choice to go strapless or wear a non-white gown. You have to love your dress. And unless mom and dad are picking up the entire tab for the gown, you can tell them thank you but no thank you.

4. Your reception music
Parents are often concerned there won't be enough music for their "older" friends to enjoy at the reception. You can be nice about it and include some of their musical selections during dinner, but when it comes to first dance and party music, it's your choice.

Owner of Weddings in Vieques, a destination-wedding planning company off the coast of Puerto Rico, Sandy Malone has helped countless couples plan their big day since 2007.

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George Clooney's Ex Speaks! Elisabetta Canalis Dishes on Her Upcoming September Nuptials and the Infamous Bachelor Tying the Knot


Photo: Getty Images

Much of the world was introduced to Italian beauty Elisabetta Canalis because of her relationship with now-ex George Clooney, but the actress and model has officially moved on, revealing the details of her engagement to orthopedic surgeon beau Brian Perri to Italy's Chi Magazine.

Clooney and Canalis ended their two-year love affair over three years ago in June 2011 and they clearly left it in a good place as she only has kind words for the renaissance man. Canalis told Chi, "I am happy for him, but I am thinking only of my happiness. It is the most important day of my life, I don't have time to think of anyone else."

Canalis also made sure to address rumors that their relationship was merely a means for her to get ahead in the acting world: "That is the wrong impression that many have made and I do not have any problems speaking about him. There is no mystery, no contract, no secrets to hide. So many people believe that a relationship with a such a famous person, always in the spotlight, was not possible. Instead we had a real connection and it ended as all relationships can end."

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As for her own pending nuptials, fiancé Perri stuck to tradition and asked Canalis's father for her hand marriage, and designed her engagement ring. Of the diamond stunner, she said "It is the most beautiful ring I have ever seen. Brian designed it, he put his heart and soul into it." She also revealed that she has chosen to wear an Alessandro Angelozzi Couture gown for the big day.

Canalis will be wed next month on September 14th in Sardinia, Italy, which coincidentally is the same month former flame George Clooney will be tying the knot with fiancée Amal Alamuddin. The proximity of their dates was the furthest thing from her mind as she was born in Sardinia and knew long ago that she wanted to get married there. "I chose the date some time ago and September is the most beautiful time — for those who do not know Sardinia — to appreciate it," said Canalis. She would have had to put her wedding on hold for an entire year if she didn't take the chance for this September.

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Wedding Ceremony Etiquette Questions: Answered!

Your wedding ceremony — it's the moment you've been waiting for and have been carefully planning for months. But as your walk down the aisle approaches, chances are you have a few questions: "Is there a way I can incorporate our beloved pet?" "How do we order our bridal party for the processional?" "Can my stepdad give me away?" We tapped our favorite wedding etiquette experts to answer these questions and so many more.

From how to seat divorced, remarried, and widowed parents to what should be expected of a non-religious bridesmaid during a faith-oriented service, we've have every single thing you need to know about your ceremony covered.

Plus, our experts even helped us tackle some logistical questions you may not have considered. Do you want to know the best way to manage heels for a beach wedding? Or, maybe you're curious about the appropriate amount of time between the ceremony and reception? And, if you opt for a pre-reception break, what can you do to keep guests happy (hint: we love a hospitality suite!).

So whether you're looking for answers on how to manage your family or how to schedule the day, we have everything you need to know about your wedding ceremony in one handy place. Bonus: we even crafted three tips to keep yourself from crying (happy tears!) during your vows!

Click through to see all of our etiquette tips for the wedding ceremony in the full slideshow!

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Flower Girl Dresses for Every Type of Wedding (and Tot!)

Flower Girl Dresses

Photos: Courtesy of Vendors

When it comes to picking out a dress for your smallest attendant, she deserves just as much as attention as anyone else in the bridal party. Since she's leading you down the aisle, she'll need to wear something worthy of her prominent position in the processional and equally as cute as her throwing those flower petals.

There are plenty of trendy flower girl dresses that will complement a number of wedding styles. Take boho brides, for example. You'll want your girl in something less frilly and more lacy, like BHLDN's sheath dress that features fun details such as sheer lace sleeves and oversized bows (of course, you can totally throw in a flower crown for good measure). Classic brides can stick to tulle, but there are plenty of other timeless designs like Watters's pink-banded satin A-line stunner or Ann Taylor's more minimalist tulle-and-dupioni sheath dress. Glamour girls will gravitate towards metallic accents, such as David Charles's gold bodice and J.Crew's jewel-encrusted periwinkle sheath. And let's not forget whimsy and romantic brides, who will adore Joan Calabrese for Mon Cheri's pink and ivory A-line number with a colorful, floral appliqué belt, Oscar de la Renta's dotted tulle dress, or David's Bridal's pink tulle and flower embellished tea-length design.

Ready to find a cute dress for your smallest bridal party member?

Click through to see all of our favorite flower girl looks in the complete slideshow!

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Your Tricky Wedding Décor Problems Solved

Your wedding décor is what sets the stage for your big day's entire look. And sometimes, not everyone is into traditional flower, candle, or streamer fastenings. Whether you want to incorporate real flowers on your cake, use balloons as décor, or decorate an unconventional space, our etiquette experts are here to help.

I want to incorporate balloons into my wedding reception. To me, they say fun. To my mom, they say child's birthday party. How can I elevate them for my wedding?
It's all in the size and shape, says Jung Lee of Fete in New York City. Stay away from traditional 12-inch balloons for a wedding; they give off a kiddie vibe. Instead, stick to the oversize, 36-inch latex version — and ditch the cheap streamers that come with them for wide satin or tulle varieties like the ones seen above. And avoid using bunches of balloons as table centerpieces, which can be distracting to guests and may obstruct their view of table mates. "Hang them from the ceiling, or attach guests' table numbers and put them in the cocktail area for a fun twist on the escort-card station," Lee suggests.

How can I decorate an unconventional wedding venue, such as a restaurant, that has a distinctive look?
Unlike reception halls with neutral décor designed to be transformed with linens, china, and flowers, most restaurants come with their own distinctive look, which might include unusual art and vivid colors. Presumably, any place you're interested in will have a look you're happy with, since chances are you won't be able to alter the general design. Still, every bride wants to customize her space, so make sure that you're allowed to bring in the flowers and other decorations you want.

I love the look of a simple wedding cake decorated with fresh flowers and greenery. But is that sanitary since there might be pesticides and dirt?
Talk to your wedding florist — he or she will be able to tell you which flowers are suitable choices to use as your wedding cake decorations. If you're concerned about the flowers being dirty, don't worry — florists are careful to meticulously clean each bloom that is intended for your cake. If you're decorating the wedding cake yourself (or have assigned that task to a friend or family member) and want to know how to properly clean the flowers, give each bloom a clean snip at the stems and rinse each flower carefully in cool water. You can also use plastic wrap to carefully wrap and cover each stem if it will need to be inserted into the cake. Or, you could ask your cake baker to place tier separators between each layer of cake; then you could decorate the space between the tiers with small arrangements of flowers. This way, the fresh flowers won't come into contact with your dessert.

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28 Bridesmaid Gifts Your Girls Will Love

Let's face it: You couldn't plan your wedding without your bridesmaids. From the proposal to the bachelorette party through the moment you tie the knot, each girl in your bridal party is there helping you every step of the way. So to thank your inner-circle for rocking matching dresses and addressing 250 invites with their prettiest penmanship, give them a bridesmaid gift they're guaranteed to love. To help, we rounded up some of our favorite finds right now:

Want to give them something personalized, but not cheesy? Go for a striped cosmetic bag from Iomoi. Starting with a plain canvas background, you can pick and choose the design and detailing on each pouch. Another idea? If your girls check their horoscopes religiously, gift them these adorable zodiac needlepoint throw pillows courtesy of Jonathan Adler. If you want to give your 'maids something they can wear on your big day, we suggest these Julie Vos studs or matching robes by Plum Pretty Sugar. Have a lot of beauty junkies in the group? We found a killer Chanel nail polish set and a fresh, magnolia-scented perfume!

From Smythson notebooks and Le Labo candles to a gold foil desk calendar , your bridesmaids will adore any one of these presents.

Check out our complete slideshow of perfect gifts for your bridesmaids here!

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Which Stars Wore Vera Wang on Their Wedding Day?

Celebrities Who Wore Vera Wang

Photos: Courtesy of E!; Getty Images (3)

The one question our favorite celebrities hear all the time? "Who are you wearing?" But our desire to know who designed those elegant gowns doesn't end on the red carpet. The question always pops up when it comes to their wedding dresses too! So which bridal fashion house does Hollywood's elite consistently look to for their big-day look? Vera Wang, of course!

As dramatic and statement-making as it is romantic, Vera's bridal collection is known for a luxurious yet classic aesthetic with just the right amount of edge. From traditional, lace ball gowns to fashion-forward mermaid wedding dresses — and even a few colorful styles! — Vera has been the go-to designer for celebrity (and non-celeb) brides for years.

From the Kardashian sisters (yes, both Khloé and Kim donned the designer's work for their weddings to Lamar Odum and Kris Humphries, respectively) to Kaley Cuoco and Mariah Carey, celebrities from nearly every industry look to Vera for their bridal style. Spice Girl-turned-designer Victoria Beckham donned a Vera Wang satin ball gown in 1999, while Victoria's Secret angel Lily Aldridge rocked a strapless Chantilly lace mermaid wedding dress in 2011.

But it's not just reality stars, actresses and singers, who clamor for Vera wedding dresses. Political maven Chelsea Clinton and business-savvy Ivanka Trump both walked down the aisle wearing the famed designer on their wedding days.

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Finally! Alexander McQueen's Sarah Burton Dishes About Designing Kate Middleton's Royal Wedding Dress

Kate Middleton wedding trends Spring 2015

Photo: Getty Images

Alexander McQueen designer Sarah Burton has kept mum about her experience creating the Royal Wedding gown...until now! More than three years after Kate Middleton became the Duchess of Cambridge, Burton has broken her silence and dished about creating the iconic look with T: The New York Times Style Magazine.

Of her decision to remain quiet, Burton says "I know we live in a culture obsessed with fame, but I happen to believe privacy is a virtue, and the relationship I have with my clients is private." She continued, "Some people like to think I've been too shy or that I'm afraid to speak up about the happy experience I had creating the Duchess of Cambridge's wedding dress, but I can tell you that is nonsense. I have never been a shrinking violet or a person who is ruled by fear."

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She went on to describe the experience as "happy" overall and gave the glossy all the details of the expert craftsmanship that went into designing the historic number. On that special day in April 2011, Kate Middleton seemed to float down the aisle in the long, lace-sleeve stunner that featured a v-neckline, traditional lace veil, and an unforgettable train.

Burton loved creating the dress and has developed a friendship with the Duchess in the years since designing it. "I loved making the dress, I loved adapting my ideas to suit the person and the occasion, and we put our hearts into it. "I respect the intimate nature of that lovely project and I respect the friendships that were forged during it... an instinctive, intelligent, imaginative young woman's wish for a beautiful wedding dress — or any kind of dress — is the most natural thing in the world. I was honored to pick up the challenge and always will be."

Though the gown immediately became the talk of the town and inspired hundreds of look-a-like numbers, Burton wasn't sure of its possible popularity until the night before: "I had no idea it would be as big as it was. Only the night before, seeing all the photographers outside the abbey, did I think, 'Oh, my God. This is massive.'"

Next up for the Duchess of Cambridge is a two-day tour of Malta, as reported by Us Weekly. She will be leaving both of her Princes behind, arriving on the island nation on Saturday, September 20th, where she will be meeting and staying with President of Malta Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca, as well as meeting with the Prime Minister of Malta, Joseph Muscat and a slew of other events.

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How to Handle the Little Ones: From Who Pays for the Flower Girl Dress to Where They Sit During the Reception

When it comes to having kids at a wedding, people are often at a loss. But two tiny tots who have guaranteed invites? Your ring bearer and flower girl. That being said, they'll need wedding party wears and a place to sit. Our etiquette experts weigh in to tell you who should pay for the flower girl dress and ring bearer outfit and how to seat them at your ceremony and reception.

Who pays for the ring bearer and flower girl outfits?
Just as adult members of a wedding party typically pay for their own attire, the same etiquette applies to your littlest attendants. Usually, the parents pay for their children's clothing; pick a couple of styles that you like (just be sure they aren't too expensive) and then let their parents choose the option that works best. However, if you have something very specific in mind that you'd like the kids to wear, then it's a thoughtful gesture to buy the flower girl's dress and/or ring bearer's suit for them as a gift, if your budget allows. Once you've decided how you are going to handle it, bring it up to the parents when you ask their permission for the children to participate in your wedding. That way, there won't be any confusion about who pays for what down the road.

Where should our flower girl and ring bearer sit during the wedding reception? Should they be with the wedding party at the head table, or seated with their parents? What if one of their parents is in the wedding party?
Children in the wedding party usually sit with their parents at the reception rather than at the head table. Or, they can be seated at the designated kids' table, if you're having one at your reception. There's often a lot of action going on at the head table — people getting up and down, guests coming to chat with the newlyweds, toasters standing to give a speech. Since there will be a lot going on, the children might not be as tended to as they should, so it's better for everyone involved if they are seated with the parents, where they will be comfortable.

If just one of the child's parents is in the wedding party, then try to seat the whole family at the head table so that family members aren't split up. If the seating plan cannot accommodate the extras at the head table, then it might be wiser to seat the family at a separate table (with their friends or other family members), even if the mother is a bridesmaid or the father is a groomsman. What's important is to come up with a seating solution where the kids (and their parents) will feel most comfortable, and if you're unsure where to place everyone, just ask — they will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

What do you do with multiple flower girls?
If you've decided to include several little attendants in your bridal party, there are many duties they'd no doubt love to take on (in additional to tossing flower petals down the aisle, of course). Here are some of our favorite ideas:

— Ask one flower girl to walk with you and carry your train.
— Ask your florist to create a garland of flowers and/or greenery and ask two flower girls to each hold one end and walk together down the aisle.
— If your flower girls are really little and you're worried they may not make it down the aisle on their own, a wagon ride is a great solution. Have the eldest flower girl pull the littlest ones down the aisle.
— Order floral crowns for each flower girl and ask them to hold hands with each other as they walk down the aisle.
— Instead of a basket of petals, they can carry more whimsical accessories, like colorful balloons, paper pinwheels, or even a bottle of bubbles to blow as she makes her way down the aisle.

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The Emmys Are Almost Here! Take a Look Back at Last Year's Most Wedding-Worthy Red Carpet Gowns

Kerry Washington is pregnant

Photo: Getty Images

The Emmys are coming! That's right, this Monday, August 25, the 66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards will air on NBC. For us, though, the best part of any awards night is the red carpet — it's rife with amazing wedding-worthy inspiration!

Last year's awards season was no exception. Glowing stars like Kerry Washington (who got married shortly after and then had a baby!) rocked an ethereal Marchesa gown with three-dimensional floral appliqués. Claire Danes also stepped up her red carpet game in a cream, sequin-studded, A-line Armani Privé gown with one of our favorite bridal trends, a deep V-neck. The Emmys give a chance for television's best to bring their fashion A-game, and they never disappoint.

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Of course, other award shows served up some serious big-day inspiration too. A slew of gorgeous celebs rocked ivory, metallic, and white gowns on the Oscar red carpet this year. Whether it was newcomer Margot Robbie's white, gem-encrusted sheath, Maria Menounos's shimmering Johanna Johnson cap-sleeve stunner, or Naomi Watts's glistening Calvin Klein column gown there were plenty of dresses to emulate.

Take a look back at Cate Blanchett's show-stopping Georgio Armmani embellished gown, Kate Hudson's plunging white Versace (with a cape!), and engaged Angelina Jolie's beaded Elie Saab gown in our roundup of the most wedding-worthy red carpet dresses and get ready to see some more at this year's Emmys! Be sure to check back for our red carpet coverage.

Click through to see all of our favorite wedding-worthy red carpet dresses in the complete slideshow.

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Seriously Stunning Ceremony Structures for Your Big Day

Your wedding ceremony is undoubtedly the most photographed moment of your entire wedding. From your walk down the aisle to your first kiss (not to mention the sweet vows in between!), you can bet your photographer will capture every single moment. So it's important to put some serious thought into what kind of ceremony structure you want. Whether you're marrying in a spacious ballroom or barn, finding the right altar, arch, or chuppah to suit your space and your wedding's aesthetic can be a tough task.

So to help you with your planning, we gathered 30 picture-perfect ceremony structures for every single type of bride and venue. These standout designs are perfect for indoor or outdoor nuptials, and can be adjusted to match any season or style. For the romantic girl saying "I do" in a garden, we gathered lush floral arches with bright blooms. Rustic brides, consider a painted fireplace or wooden structure that feels special but understated. Prefer a bold bohemian vibe? Cool, colorful altars adorned with whimsical streamers give off an eclectic effect.

But whichever style you choose, you can feel confident that these statement-making structures will completely transform your ceremony space — and make for some incredible photos. And by focusing on creating such a gorgeous space to exchange vows, you can opt for less décor along the aisles. Simple potted arrangements or a petal-lined runner will pair perfectly with a decorative structure.

Browse our favorite ceremony structures and get inspired for your own celebration!

Click through to see 30 amazing ceremony structures for your wedding day!

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Tom Hardy Photobombed a Wedding Party Dressed as Bane from The Dark Knight Rises


Photo: Getty Images

It's no secret we love a good celebrity photobomb, especially when it comes to wedding photos. After all, how many people do you know with an A-list Hollywood star in their wedding portraits? In the most recent edition of celebrities in weddings, we bring you Tom Hardy, dressed in full Bane regalia, waving to a group of cheerful bridesmaids.

That's right, the leader of the League of Shadows took some time out from filming The Dark Knight Rises in 2011 to appear in the background of a few wedding photos. The shot seen above, which was taken in Pittsburgh during the popular film's production, surfaced on Reddit yesterday as part of a #ThrowbackThursday thread. According to E! News, the shot was taken near Carnegie Mellon University's Software Engineering Institute building — the site of several scenes from the third installment of the trilogy. Photographer Jared Wickerham proceeded to capture several great photos of the masked villain and bridal party.


Photo: Getty Images

According to Vulture, a Reddit-user who was there explains, "It basically caused a lot of inconvenience for [bride and groom] and their guests as there were explosions and gunfine on the street during their wedding." So to make up for the less-than-desirable vow interruption, the producers invited the couple to take photos with the famed camouflage Batmobile Tumbler! In the photo above, the couple is seen happily exploring the vehicle.

Whether or not the bridal party happened upon Hardy or if he came by their venue in a form of apology for the inconvenience remains unclear, but what we do know is the couple seemed to enjoy the experience in the end.

We have to say, of all the celebrity photobombs we've seen lately (including Jeff Goldblum, Bill Murray, and Zach Braff) this one is our new favorite! But we do wish Hardy would have dropped the mask for at least one photo. There's always next time!

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Military Weddings: The Rules & Etiquette You Should Know

A military wedding is dictated more by tradition than strict laws. Both bride and groom, if each is in the military, have the option of wearing a military uniform or traditional wedding attire. Many choose to wed in very traditional military style by wearing a uniform, wording the invitation in proper military form, and including the arch of sabers or swords. What else do you need to know to have a wedding with the proper etiquette? Read on to find out!

How does the sword arch work?
If the venue permits, the arch may be formed immediately after the bride and groom turn to face the assembled guests inside the building at the end of the ceremony. In this case, the head usher calls, "center face," and the ushers form two lines facing each other on the steps beneath the altar. The next command is "draw swords" or "arch sabers," and the ushers raise their swords, cutting edge facing up. The bride and groom then pass under the arch. The ushers then join the bridesmaids and leave with them.

If some groomsmen are also in the military, should they wear boutonnieres?
If they will be wearing their uniforms, then no, they should not wear boutonnieres. They should, however wear any military decorations they have received.

How do we word names with titles in invitations?
When their rank is captain or higher in the army, or lieutenant senior grade or higher in the navy, a guest's, bride's, or groom's title appears before their name. A lower rank would be listed after their name. For example: Max White, Ensign, United States Navy. Mr. is never used to refer to an office on active duty. Contact the protocol officer at the nearest base or a military chaplain for more information.

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Go Preppy: Fresh Striped Wedding Ceremony D


Photo: Jonny Valiant

Whether you're a seaside bride or hosting a formal ballroom wedding, preppy stripes are among the chicest details to transform your classic "I dos" into an event that is completely personal. Follow our favorite tips to expertly nail the trendy stripes so that when you walk down the aisle, all eyes will be on you — and these show-stopping ceremony details.

Start with Tone-on-Tone Color
Ceremony backdrops are a great opportunity to play with bolder ideas. Love the look of the option above? The key to getting this bold crepe paper backdrop just right is to select several different shades of the same hue, in this case, blue. Layering the shades adds tons of texture and depth while keeping the look smart and polished instead of carnival-esque. Consider black-and-gray options for a formal affair or breezy yellow tones for a more relaxed ceremony.


Photo: Jonny Valiant

Pay Attention to Detail
Once you've selected those perfect colors, find little spots to work in hints of your favorites. The subtle but eye-catching navy-and-white ribbons on the sconces or a sleek monogram in the aisle looks completely understated, but still makes a huge impact. Plus, your stationer can design a sticker to fix to a canvas runner — a cost-effective but statement-making detail.

Think Green
To complement the clean décor, line the aisle with neat topiaries instead of flowers. They'll allow for more space and keep your guests focused on the elements that you spent your time planning. Use matching greenery to create mini wreaths that can be hung on VIP seats or the back of your reception chairs. For your bouquet, go super simple. We love a bouquet of black-and-white anemones finished with a striped ribbon, perfect for a preppy bash.

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Steal Chloe Grace Moretz' Wedding-Worthy, Ultra-Cool If I Stay Premiere Beauty Look

Chloe Moretz If I Stay Premiere

Photo: Getty Images

While promoting her new tearjerker romance If I Stay, the 17-year-old screen veteran has never failed to pull out flawless, ladylike looks, always with gorgeously soft, nude makeup and romantic hairstyles. Can you say wedding-perfect? At a New York screening of the film, Chloe looked just as effortlessly pretty as ever with a deep side-parted loose bun and natural, dewy makeup. Learn how to get her look for your wedding below!

Creamy skin: Granted, Chloe's got the whole not-old-enough-to-vote thing going for her, but it's easy to get dewy skin like hers for your wedding. Start with a full-coverage BB cream in a shade closer to your skin, then finish with a touch of cream brush and a dusting of bronzer. Bonus: if you don't have gold-toned eye shadow like Chloe's, take a smaller brush and swep some of the bronzer across your lids.

Buy it: Dr. Jart+ BB Dis-a-Pore Beauty Balm, $36, available at Sephora; CK One Color Cream + Powder Bronzer Duo, $25, available at Ulta

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Strong brows: With a nude, barely-there makeup look, strong brows make as much of a statement as a deep smoky eye or red lip — in a more unexpected, effortless way. Get the look by brushing your brows up with a brow brush, then finishing with brow gel. Voluminous lashes draw all eyes up to your brows, which is never a bad thing.

Buy it: Sonia Kashuk Brow Gel, $6, available at Target; NARS Larger than Life Volumizing Mascara, $25, available at Amazon

Barely-there lipstick: Chloe rounds out her oh-so-pretty summer look with pale pink lipstick. Copy her style with a nude-rose shade, or go sheer with a balm or lip crayon.

Buy it: Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm in Peach Kiss, $3, available at Amazon; BareMinerals Marvelous Moxie Lipstick in Be Free, $18, available at Sephora

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I-Woke-Up-Like-This Hair: This is the undone updo of your dreams. And it's so easy to pull off for your wedding! Just spray some root-lifting spray under the front of your hair to add volume, pin your hair back into a loose chignon, and let a few pieces hang out in front. Finish with a generous helping of hairspray and get ready for the coolest, simplest bridal hairstyle ever.

Buy it: Bumble and Bumble Cityswept Finish $29, available at Sephora

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How Real Couples Got Fit for Their Wedding Day

Get In Shape for Couple Work Outs

Photo: Getty Images

Couples that work out together, stay together! Not only is going for a run or hitting the gym with your loved one a great way to fit in some quality time, but you'll also feel much more connected and in sync with each other afterwards, both physically and emotionally. So if you're looking for a fun and effective way to get in shape for your big day, why not consider these kickass partner exercises from real brides and grooms? Hey, it can't hurt.

Enlist the help of a trainer
"We started working out with a trainer a few months before we got married. Normally, I'm more into yoga and he's more into the gym, but we had so much fun together working out, plus it really did strengthen our relationship. On the weekends we went hiking and even created our own boot camp and did it together the days leading up to the wedding. We now go back to our trainer and do a fun boot camp together on Fridays, and we actually look forward to it." — Katie

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Get your yoga on
"My husband and I did Bikram Yoga for months leading up to our wedding. It was such an amazing workout, slimmed us down for the wedding and was a spiritual journey that we were able to experience together. We went two to three times a week. Plus, the class is so demanding on your body, you naturally want to eat clean so that helped with getting fit as well." — Ashley

Make a healthy lifestyle change
"We went to the gym three times a week together and on our days off we would ride our bikes after work or walk and talk about our days. Our weekends also became filled with active things, such as exploring new bike trails. Really though, it was nutrition that played a key role in our collective 70 pound pre-wedding weight loss. Instead of pasta or frozen pizzas, grilled chicken and veggies or quiche became our go-to quick meals. Losing weight not only helped us to find new hobbies and activities we both enjoyed, but it also encouraged us to cook together. I used to whine that my husband would come home and sleep on the couch until dinnertime. Nowadays, though, I couldn't even get him to take a nap!" — Lauren

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Use a fitness motivation tool
"My wife and I set a goal to get fit before our wedding last August by using the fitness motivation tool TeamActivist.org. You create your own personal fitness goal and then choose a charity to raise money for upon completion of that goal. It was extremely motivating once my friends and family had pledged money to our charity so we both made sure to complete our goal. Everyone was really supportive especially because we chose charities relating to breast cancer and explained that my wife's aunt is a survivor. It was a win/win and a great conversation starter with guests that we hadn't seen in a while." — Chris

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Best of Both Worlds: Get Julianne Hough's Modern-Meets-Bridal Monique Lhuillier Crop Top and Skirt

Julianne Hough Get the Look

Photo: Getty Images

Monique Lhuillier plus lace, plus a fashion-forward silhouette, equals an instant bridal success. Which is exactly why Julianne Hough's Monique Lhuillier strapless lace crop top and curve-hugging lace pencil skirt (and floral-printed Stuart Weitzman pumps!) caught our attention. As you already probably know, crop tops are all the rage in the wedding world right now, and mixing the modern bridal separates with the most classic fabric, lace, makes it an instant hit. The best part? The crop top is so slight, only showing a sliver of skin, that Grandma won't have a heart attack come the big day. Both edgy and romantic, Hough knocked it out of the park with this white lace number. P.S. if you're not sure you'd want to wear this for your wedding, it'd work really well as a rehearsal dinner or bridal shower look too!

If you're feeling a little bit daring, you can get this look yourself! Here, a few similar styles to choose from:

Julianne Hough Get the Look - Houghton

Photo: Steve Eichner

Houghton: Adding illusion lace sleeves to your crop top skirt combo makes your modern moment in the spotlight even more bridal. Unlike Hough's tight-fitting bottom, this skirt flows out into a perfect A-line.

"Aligote" 3/4 length sleeve corded lace top with a high neckline, shown with "Macabeau" corded lace skirt with a high-low hem, Houghton

Julianne Hough Get the Look - Monique Lhuillier

Photo: Courtesy of Monique Lhuillier

Monique Lhuillier: Love Hough's look but don't know if you can rock a crop top? No worries! Monique Lhuillier's ready-to-wed line has a strapless, straight-cut lace number you'll love just as much.

"Andie" guipure lace strapless cocktail-length dress, $1,900, Monique Lhuillier

Julianne Hough Get the Look - Mira Zwillinger

Photo: Thomas Iannaccone

Mira Zwillinger: A more whimsical take on Hough's daring lace top and skirt, this dotted illusion top and sweeping skirt is perfect for an ethereal bride who also wants to be on-trend.

"Daria" two-piece silk and lace A-line wedding dress with an illusion high neckline, cap sleeves, and bare midriff, Mira Zwillinger

Julianne Hough Get the Look - ALC

Photo: Thomas Iannaccone

A.L.C.: Of course, you can put together separates yourself, too. Try this laser-cut lace top for an equally style-setting statement.

"Maxwell" top, $325, A.L.C. available at ShopBop

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10 Minutes with Houghton Bride's Designer Katharine Polk

Katharine Polk Houghton Bride Interview

Photo: Courtesy of Houghton Bride

Houghton Bride is equal parts 70s cool and classical romance. Ever since the ready-to-wear brand launched a bridal label for Fall/Winter 2013, designer Katharine Polk has continued to create looks that capture the essence of the woman she designs for — fashionable, with a little bit whimsy, and a great deal of sophisticated sex appeal. We sat down with the designer who stands behind her mission of creating a bridal collection for the woman who wants to get married in something simple, sexy and timeless, to discuss launching e-commerce, designing for celebrities, and planning her first runway show for Houghton Bride.

With Bridal Fashion Week less than eight weeks away, Houghton designer Katharine Polk shared a few exclusive details with Brides.com — including plans to launch bridal accessories (!!!) in the first runway show for Houghton Bride.
"Right now, I'm working on the spring/summer 2015 ready-to-wear collection for Houghton, which will debut at New York Fashion Week in less than two weeks. I draw so much inspiration for the bridal collection from the ready-to-wear collection. For our upcoming bridal collection, I'm most excited about the jewelry collaboration in the works for Houghton Bride. We will be showing accessories for the first time (for our first runway show!) — but it won't be typical bridal jewelry, it will be very Houghton."

Houghton Bride Wedding Dresses

Photo: Courtesy of Houghton Bride

Houghton Bride's custom dress business specializes in hand-embroidered details and bringing a bride's dream look to life, all from the atelier in the heart of New York City.
"One of my first custom gowns was a pale pink lace gown in a wrap dress style, with three-quarter-length sleeves and a small train. We hand-embroidered the lace with iridescent sequins, giving it a slight shimmer in certain light," mused the designer. "The best part was the bride — she was in her 40's and knew she was not going to wear white on her wedding day. She looked amazing." When asked about the length of time required for the custom fitting process, Polk explained, "For us, it really depends on the gown and how extensive the work is, as every element of the dress is handmade — including the embroidery — here at the Houghton Atelier in West Chelsea, New York City. We usually ask for 16 weeks to create a custom gown, but I am always happy to work with my brides and be flexible with timing," said the designer. "Funny enough, my Houghton Brides seem to not be the type to start dress shopping one year in advance...I've had quite a few walk into the studio with their wedding less than eight weeks away! We can always do a rush order as long as we can import the fabric, and that it's possible to accomplish the hand-work and embroidery in time."

Wearing a Houghton Bride dress feels just as good as it looks.
When asked about her favorite fabrics to use when designing bridal gowns, Polk explained her emphasis on the importance of the inside of a garment. "Especially in bridal, a silk lining is so important — even if you can't see if from the outside, it is the layer closest to the body and feels amazing on the skin," said the designer. "A silk lining is what makes me want to wear something and never take it off."

In addition to her silk standards, the designer likes to explore with specialty fabrics (think sequin and lace) to infuse Houghton Bride with its signature unique character. "I love to experiment by incorporating special novelty fabrics into each collection, sourced from countries all over the world. I travel to Paris at least twice a year, and work with private mills in Switzerland and Italy — I also work closely with suppliers in India and London to find my hand-embroidered and beaded fabrics. Even though I source my fabrics from across the globe, I feel very strongly about producing ALL of Houghton's garments in NYC, at our Houghton Atelier."

Houghton has had a big year on the red carpet — including Lily Collins in custom Houghton, which inspired a look from the spring collection!
"When it comes to celebrity fashion on the red carpet, I love my Houghton Girls! Lizzy Caplan rocked my Blaze black lace guipure jumpsuit on the red carpet earlier this year, and Dascha Polanco wore the Claudia bias-cut silk gown from Houghton Bride SS15 to her Orange is the New Black premiere," said the designer. "Our crop tops have been popping up everywhere, too, which I love — most recently on Kate Hudson, Emma Roberts and Jessica Alba. One of my most favorite red carpet moments was the custom look we created for Lily Collins for her Madrid premiere of Mortal Instruments," said the designer. "I loved it so much it actually became inspiration for the Chloe top and Cameron skirt from the Houghton Bride SS15 Collection."

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Ready for this? Houghton Bride is now available online, at the brand's newly launched e-commerce boutique, and it's full of chic inspiration for your wedding day look.
When asked about what drove the decision to launch e-commerce, the designer explained, "I felt that it was time for the brand. We get so many inquiries from all over the world for both collections (ready-to-wear and bridal), and I wanted to make the information more readily available. I also really wanted to showcase the range of price points offered by Houghton Bride. We have simple silk pieces like our popular wide-leg Marsanne romper for $2,250 on one end, and elaborate hand-embroidered beaded gowns like our sexy metallic thread mesh Moss gown for $18,000 on the other. A lot of my Houghton girls also look at the Houghton ready-to-wear line for their bridal look...On the website, it's all in one place."

Houghton Bride is available on www.houghtonnyc.com; the Houghton Atelier is located in West Chelsea, NYC. For Bridal appointments please call (646) 998-3994, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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We Asked, You Told: 5 Pretty Engagement Manicures from Our Readers!

Engagement manicure idea pink polish

Photo: Courtesy of Ginger Ramirez

Nailed it! Maybe the only thing better than getting engaged and sliding that gorgeous ring onto your finger is getting a pretty manicure to better flaunt your new jewelry with. Whether you paint your own or have a girl's day at the spa, engagement manis are a wildly popular trend right now, and for good reason! We, like everyone else, love seeing the lacquer brides-to-be wear with their engagement rings on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and anywhere else they share their giddy "just engaged" photos. That's why we asked our awesome Facebook followers to show us pictures of their nail art. The colors and ideas are amazing inspiration for engagement and beyond. Did your submission make the short list of our five favorites? Read on and find out!

We have to kick off this roundup with this amazing photo that features bride Ginger Ramirez's red mani. We love how she picked a classic hue to let her gorgeous, emerald-cut engagement ring shine. That, plus the details in this picture (hello, Kate Spade clutch and gold watch), show that this is a bride with great style on her nails and everywhere else!

Engagement manicure idea pink sparkle

Photo: Courtesy of Araceli Angulo

Incorporating glitter into a manicure is a great way to accent your brand-new bling. Bride Araceli Angulo showed us this beautiful picture of her pristine pink mani with sparkle on her index and ring fingernails. It's very feminine with subtle hints of glam. Plus, it's not a bad way to show off that absolutely beautiful engagement ring.

Engagement manicure idea spirit nail

Photo: Courtesy of Faye Sunshine Harvey

Another popular place to put glitter? Right there on the ring fingernail! It's called a spirit nail, and it's easy to see why — loading up that all-important ring finger with lots of shine draws attention to the ring. Bride Faye Sunshine Harvey accented her gold spirit nail with muted navy blue polish on the other nails to really bring out the glitter.

Engagement manicure idea pattern

Photo: Courtesy of Kinsey Marie

Nail art, with all of its colors and patterns, is always so much fun. Pair it with an engagement ring, like bride Kinsey Marie did, and it's even more exciting. This pattern is especially cool, and juxtaposes with the classic engagement ring perfectly.

Engagement manicure idea red polish

Photo: Courtesy of LeighAnn Purcell

Let's be honest, when the ring is as pretty as bride LeighAnn Purcell's, it's hard to even pay attention to the nail color! That's why a hot-pink hue like this is such a good idea. That beach we think we see in the background doesn't look too shabby, either!

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Cool Dip-Dyed Registry Finds Boho and Classic Brides Will Love

Dip-Dyed Wedding Registry

Photos: Courtesy of Vendors; Illustration by: Christina Park

Dip-dying, the more stylish cousin of tie-dye, is a fun way to personalize your wedding registry. It's perfect for the trendy or boho bride who's searching for a twist on the basics, as well as the traditional girl searching for a few unexpected additions. To help inspire your own wedding registry picks, we rounded up a few of our favorite dip-dyed finds.

First, accent a white couch with these green pillows to add a pop of color to your living room. Also we found pretty rose-dipped napkins — essentials for your first summer cocktail party as newlyweds.

And contrary to popular belief, dip-dying isn't reserved for bold, vibrant colors. The look can also add modernity to an otherwise basic registry item by using a neutral or metallic color. Case in point: Serena and Lily's storage baskets (a great place to stash gloves and other winter accessories in the winter) and gold-dipped serving trays. The dark charcoal of the foot stool courtesy of Etsy and the hint of navy blue in the West Elm rug are also good alternatives if you're not keen on brighter colors, but still want to try the playful trend.

Overall, remember to have fun with your registry! It's always smart to stick with the must-haves (i.e. good sheets, pots and pans, etc), but it's totally okay to mix in some fun items that reflect your style.

Above: 1. Round Belly Baskets, $98 for 2, Serena and Lily; 2. Silk Pillow, $159, Scenario Home; 3. "Walden" Mug, $42, Paper and Clay Studio; 4. Wood Gold Leaf Tray, $50, The Vintage Vogue; 5. Dip Dye Napkin Set, $38 for 4, LEIF; 6. Ombre Dye Rug, $169, West Elm; 7. Foot Stool Cover, $137.20, JureamBox

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Equality in the Sunshine State! Florida Judge Rules Same-Sex Marriage Ban Unconstitutional

Florida Same-Sex Marriage Ban Ruled Unconstitutional

Photo: Getty Images

The Sunshine State is on its way to becoming a more accepting part of the union! Yesterday, a federal judge ruled Florida's same-sex marriage ban — which first went into law in 1977 and was added to the state's constitution in 2008 — to be in violation of the "due process" and "equal protection" provisions in the U.S. Constitution.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, U.S. District Judge Robert L. Hinkle's is the fifth judge in the past six weeks to rule that the state's ban on gay marriage is unconstitutional. So what makes this decision more important? Hinkle's ruling covers all 67 counties in Florida, meaning the entire state is on its way to allowing same-sex marriages as well as recognizing lawful same-sex unions that took place elsewhere.

"The Florida provisions that prohibit the recognition of same-sex marriages lawfully entered elsewhere, like the federal provision, are unconstitutional," Hinkle wrote in his ruling. "So is the Florida ban on entering same-sex marriage."

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While it's certainly a win for same-sex couples, Hinkle's decision doesn't take effect just yet. The Guardian reports that the judge issued a stay delaying the effect of his decision, meaning same-sex couples cannot obtain a marriage license just yet. But his rationale for doing so certainly makes sense. CNN says that Hinkle issued that stay because he didn't want to leave couples in "legal limbo" if higher courts later reversed his decision.

"When observers look back 50 years from now, the arguments supporting Florida's ban on same-sex marriage, though just as sincerely held, will again seem an obvious pretext for discrimination," Hinkle wrote. "To paraphrase a civil rights leader from the age when interracial marriage was struck down, the arc of history is long, but it bends toward justice."

Ultimately, it appears the final decision will be left to the U.S. Supreme Court. We can only hope that sunny Florida joins the 20 other states and the District of Columbia in allowing same-sex marriages!

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Soak It All Up: 5 Ways to Stay Present on Your Big Day

There is a list of essentials every bride needs on her wedding day. Some items are superficial (extra lipstick); some are practical (hello, tissues); but arguably the most important thing of all is a clear and present mind. After all the anticipation, work, and love that has gone into planning your big day, the biggest potential tragedy is not smeared eyeliner or missing centerpieces, but rather forgetting to consciously experience every ounce of your day.

While a present mind might sound like a simple matter, jitters, emotions, caffeine and stress can easily get the best of any bride. Here are a few tips on how to quiet the mayhem of the day, and soak up every last drop of the wedding experience.

1. Mentally Prepare
Just like any good coach will tell you, the way you play on game day is determined by the work you put in beforehand. To keep calm and collected throughout your day, take some alone time before the bustle begins to reflect and meditate on what's about to happen. Whether it's a finger-wrinkling bath, languorous stroll or a bit of yoga, this time will center you throughout the remainder of your experience.

2. Forget Details
We know, asking a bride to stop worrying about the details of her wedding is a tall order, but it is key in remaining present. If your mind is reeling about what time flowers are being delivered, it won't have room to register those tears in your mom's eyes, or that hearty cackle coming from your maid of honor. To keep your precious brain real estate reserved for important moments, delegate all day-of responsibilities to your wedding planner, coordinator, or bridesmaids.

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3. Create Moments of Reflection
To keep yourself focused on the emotional importance of your day, make space for nostalgia and reflection. Exchange love letters with your groom the morning-of; share stories with your bridal party; place photos of you and your groom in your bridal suite; whatever feels right for you and pulls at your heart strings, do that.

4. Hydrate and Nourish
When you're stressing, caffeinating, and sipping on champagne, the mind can get frazzled quickly. To combat these factors, make sure you drink plenty of water, and eat throughout the day. It's hard to feel emotionally transcendent when you're parched and dizzy.

5. Steal a Second with Your Groom
Once your ceremony's over steal a moment alone with your new husband. Absorb the full splendor of your wedding and savor the newness of it all: your new titles, your new wedding bands, your new life together (ah!) that's just beginning. These brief moments of quiet are the closest thing you have to hitting the pause button and you'll be grateful for the memory.

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A Few Pieces of Marriage Advice for Our Favorite Engaged Celebs

Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port are engaged

Photo: Getty Images

Celebrities are getting engaged left and right with a few planning to tie the knot in just a few months from Whitney Port and Lauren Conrad to Mila Kunis. Though most couples face the same issues when it comes to their first year of marriage no matter what their star status, Hollywood's elite has a whole host of other things to deal — whether it's the paparazzi or news outlets following their every move. To help our favorite notable names who are making the big leap soon, we've rounded up some tips on ways they can make their first year of marriage go off without a hitch.

Keep things fun and the tabloids at bay by making date nights regular occurrences.
The first year of marriage is all about adjustment and settling into your new life together, but there are things from your time as girlfriend and boyfriend that you can bring into newlywed life, including dates. They keep things fresh and also give those gossip mags very little to report on if you're out and about looking happy together.

Your squabbles and moods are private — they have no place on social media.
Airing out your dirty (or lightly soiled) laundry on social media is a huge no-no for normal couples, thus it can be disastrous for celebrities. It feels good to vent and is necessary for you to cleanse your mind and spirit, but make sure you're venting to the right people — your husband, friends, family, or even your therapist. Nothing on Twitter or Instagram ever goes away, so you want to avoid those posts being resurfaced at a later date when things are going well.

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Get on the same page with your families — your inner circle has just multiplied!
Both of your families are now in the limelight as well! Make sure they know to keep mum on personal things that are discussed. During your first month of marriage, you should also discuss how much visibility they are giving to your relationship and how much you are showcasing them on a regular basis — you might decide it's wise to keep your families out of mentions in interviews and off of social media to protect their privacy and everyday lives.

Romance and sex are important and should be at the forefront. Don't be afraid to experiment.
With the busy schedule of a star, romance and sex can definitely fall by the wayside. It's important to keep your relationship spicy and exciting, thus you should figure out ways to keep your love life on fire, whether it be late night sultry Skype sessions or fun role playing in different cities.

Your friends are a part of your extended family, so keep them close and make sure you don't alienate them.
It's easy to get wrapped up in your husband and forget about your friends. You will be spending more time with your family, but shouldn't ignore your extended family which is full of the men and women who supported you long before you were a Mrs. Put monthly nights out on the calendar and make them a priority. Though your life has changed and you are officially a wife, you still need to have your own life separate from your husband.

Do you have any newlywed tips for the celeb set? Tweet us @BRIDES!

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Mad Men's Rich Sommer Shares More Details from Alexis Bledel and Vincent Kartheiser's Wedding

alexis bledel vincent kartheiser engaged

Photo: Getty Images

When we found out that Alexis Bledel and Vincent Kartheiser secretly got married in June, all we knew was that it was in Ojai, California, and that the couple was very happy together. Thanks to Kartheiser's Mad Men co-star Rich Sommer, though, we now have more details on their extremely hush-hush nuptials!

"She's lovely, and I can truly say that Vinny is night and day — he's a different person since they first started hanging out," the show's Harry Crane told Us Weekly of the newlyweds at a screening for his new film, Are You Here.

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Better yet, though the wedding was a surprise to the public, all of the guests knew of the event ahead of time. "All of us knew that it was going to happen, so it's a very lovely thing."

"It was very exciting," Sommer shared of Bledel and Kartheiser's big day. And, as a previous source hinted, it was an intimate, love-filled affair. Sommer confirmed that the wedding was "beautiful," "small," and "very much them." He also said that, "[he] was very honored to be a part of it."

At the time of the wedding, another source confirmed that it was a smaller affair (despite Mad Men's lead Jon Hamm in attendance). "It was a small and intimate family affair," a source told Us right after the wedding. "They wanted something relaxed and beautiful. Ojai was the perfect place. [Vincent's] family flew out from the East Coast."

It's clear from the details that this pair really loves one another, and that they threw a wedding to remember!

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The Groom's Guide to a Wedding Speech

Every week, we give our readers a glimpse inside the mindset of a guy's brain on weddings with the help of the hilarious and smart editors at The Plunge. For their latest installment, they share tips for groom's wedding thank you speech.

As the bride, everyone and their mother (and probably even your mother) expects you to do a superhuman amount of planning work, with the implicit tradeoff of not asking you to do a damn thing on your wedding day. So it's time to thank everyone who drove you insane for months, sit back, relax, and let your groom deal with it. For now, offer him these key pointers.

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"Be romantic"
At the ultimate celebration of true love, your man better let everyone know how lucky he feels, rather than trying to look badass for his fraternity bros. Assuming you've picked the right one, this won't be too hard for him. However, a reminder to look you in the eye, address you by name, and play up the moment won't hurt.

"Be funny"
You love that charming sense of humor of his, right? Now is the time for him to show it off to your friends and family with some classic, funny anecdotes about how you met, how you can bench more than him, or some other hilariously self-deprecating tale. Just remember, as much as you both loved Louis C.K.'s latest special, this is about being funny, not telling jokes.

"Be original"
Our apologies if this fine site has its own list of suggested quotes, but we highly recommend your man go with sincerity over a randomly chosen ancient proverb. Even if his true feelings come off clichéd, that's better than filling his speech with the same corny quotes everyone else uses.

"Be gracious"
Your parents deserve major thanks whether or not they broke the bank. Make sure he thanks his parents, too, as well as those who traveled from afar to eat your cake and drink your beer.

"Be judicious"
Giving thanks is one thing, but acknowledging everyone from the caterer to your photographer friend to the good lord who brought you together is the quickest way to lose an audience and get hit with the "wrap it up" music.

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"Be prepared"
He'll tell you he's got it ready in his head, but he'll be happy he practiced when he's able to confidently deliver in the moment. If he continues to refuse to practice, remind him of all the hours he spent improving his Call of Duty ranking and ask if the biggest day of his life warrants that same dedication.

"Be quick"
See? Isn't this one easier to read?

"Be smart"
In the end, your groom just needs an intro (welcoming the guests), a boatload of thank yous, some humorous anecdotes, and a romantic closer. That's it. No need to reinvent the wheel.

"Be resourceful"
Only in the most desperate situation — if your guy truly has no earthly idea where to start — would we advise you to have him find a canned speech online. There are actually websites that sell "conventional groom toasts." For $16, you fill in the blanks and they'll spit out a stock speech with the names preloaded. One such excerpt (with our fill-in-the-blank choices underlined):

"Rachel — in case anyone hadn't noticed — is the perfect wife, and I'm lucky she said, "Yes." I'm lucky to have someone who can tolerate my hairy back. And I'm lucky to have someone so kindhearted and fun to be with. Someone once wrote that a good marriage is 80% good luck in finding the right person at the right time. The rest is trust. On that basis I'd say we're 100% ready for this."

On second thought, sincerity is better than Mad Libs. When in doubt, help him write something good, then clam up and raise your glass to his awesome toast. Your work is finally done.

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Easy Ways to Personalize Your Wedding Menu

Want your food to be as unforgettable as your vows? Teresa Bernstein, director of catering for the top-rated Hilton Orlando, shows you how to create a wedding meal that's totally you.

Re-create your favorite restaurant dish as an app.
To make it feel even more personal, tell the story behind it with a card placed on the serving tray. Did you and your groom share crab cakes on your first date? Your caterer can turn that dish into something completely wedding worthy!

Pick local bites.
Use regional ingredients to show out-of-town guests what your area has to offer, says Bernstein. Even if it's something as basic as grits, your caterer can always find a way to elevate it.

Give a shout out to your background.
Honor your heritage with an updated version of a traditional dish. Or have the chef infuse flavors into a classic wedding entrée, says Bernstein. Tweak popular and crowd-pleasing wedding dishes with flavorful spices that will remind guests of your background but still feel familiar to them.

Show some love to the vegans.
"The last thing anyone with diet restrictions wants to see is another place of roasted vegetables," says Bernstein. Make sure your tasting includes out-of-the-box options that are vegetarian and gluten free so you can pick one that will even make the meat eaters jealous.

Work in a family recipe.
A good caterer of baker can turn a homey family standard into a show-stopping tiered confection for 200. Then, send your guests home with the recipe printed on a pretty card for a meaningful favor!

Bonus: Cocktails are a great place to customize. "We can barrel age big batches for up to six weeks — Manhattans, rum punches, you name it," says Bernstein. Or just give your faovirte cocktail recipe to your venue, which should oblige.

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Do You Need Wedding Gift Insurance?

Wedding gift registry

Photo: Karin Olsen

During your engagement, the number of valuable personal possessions and pieces of jewelry you own will increase — probably dramatically, and not just including your engagement ring! It's a good idea to meet with your insurance agent to be sure that you are adequately covered for theft or loss. If you find that you're not, look into taking out a policy that will cover all your wedding gifts — and even the wedding itself. Of course, no one wants to dwell on what could happen, but you're better safe than sorry! Here are the etiquette rules you should know for doing so.

What exactly is wedding insurance?
It protects against wedding-day disasters and disappointments. Among other things, the policy will reimburse you if your wedding attire is damaged or if your wedding gifts are stolen or broken at the reception.

Is there a specific type that I should look into?
There are two main policies you can purchase. To protect against loss or theft of wedding gifts and wedding rings, pearls, watches, and other items, purchase an endorsement (additional coverage added to your homeowners's/renter's policy). Or, purchase a rider (a separate policy offering additional insurance). Both are usually good for the term of the contract — often one year.

Insurance aside, how can I make sure my presents make it from the reception to someplace safe if we're leaving for our honeymoon straight from the venue?
Ask friends to safely transport gifts home to make sure that certain gifts aren't left behind. Your family can help with this as well; this is the safest and simplest option, especially if you're going to be away for more than a few days.

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Trending Now: Wedding Dresses With Sexy, Deep V-Necklines

Deep V Wedding Dress Trend

Photos (clockwise from top left): Courtesy of Vera Wang; Thomas Iannaccone (2); Steve Eichner

Deep V-necks are one of the hottest new necklines to pop up on the most recent bridal runways, and we can see why: They manage to be sexy and flattering at the same time, drawing the eye the down and, therefore, elongating a bride's figure. It's also no secret that a deep V packs a punch with its pointy geometric shape — it can provide a much-needed layer of drama to a more romantic gown. And, after all the high-necks and illusion necks the past few seasons, it's refreshing to see something a bit more severe (in the best possible way, of course) and sleek. Best of all: Seductresses aren't the only brides who can rock a deep V. This design feature is a great way to show a subtle sliver of skin, while the rest of you remains covered up with long sleeves.

Want a deep V for yourself? Here are a few of our favorites.

Deep V Trend - Mira Zwillinger

Photo: Thomas Iannaccone

Mira Zwillinger: Edgy elegance is exactly what we'd name this gown. Offsetting the vintage-inspired beading is an of-the-moment deep V that makes us want to scream va va voom!

"Lysha" long-sleeved sheath wedding dress with a deep v-neckline and beaded details, Mira Zwillinger

Deep V Trend - Vera Wang

Photo: Courtesy of Vera Wang

Vera Wang: Simple, sleek, but not without a major impact, this Vera Wang sheath is so sexy, it needs no introduction.

Sleeveless bias cut silk chiffon sheath wedding dress with a v-neckline, low back, and halter straps, Vera Wang

Deep V Trend - Reem Acra

Photo: Thomas Iannaccone

Reem Acra: The piping along the hems, crystal belt, nude underlay, and of course, deep V, make this classic bridal fabric look fresh.

Sleeveless re-embroidered lace A-line wedding dress with a deep v-neckline and crystal belt, Reem Acra

Deep V Trend - Jim Hjelm

Photo: Steve Eichner

Jim Hjelm: For those who really want all eyes on them, try surrounding your deep V with a sparkly embellishment. Guests's gaze will be glued to you.

Style 8452, sleeveless English net trumpet wedding dress with a deep v-neckline and a sequin bodice, Jim Hjelm

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A Romantic June Wedding Filled with Lush Florals & Jet-Setting Touches

For college sweethearts Danielle and Raj, the name of the wedding game is romance. Many grooms buy a ring, get down on one knee and hope for the best, but Raj, a 26-year-old IT consultant, wanted Danielle, 27, an interior designer, to remember the day he proposed for the rest of her life. Raj planned a trip to St. John, in the U.S. Virgin Islands, for the two of them, and set up a surprise candlelit dinner on the beach at sunset.

The next year, in June 2013, the two tied the knot at Longview Mansion, a Spanish-style estate in Missouri with extra-lush gardens and grounds. Danielle and Raj are both travel lovers, and they infused their flower-filled tented reception with plenty of jet-setting details. Check out Sharaya Mauck's photos of their dreamy affair below!

Danielle picked her Enzoani Diana dress because it nailed every element she was looking for: it had a fit-and-flare shape, it was all lace, it had a long train, straps, and a sweetheart neckline. In other words, the very picture of romance.

Danielle's sister, a graphic designer, created the couple's invitations and paper goods.

Danielle's bridesmaids' gorgeous spring bouquets looked amazing against navy strapless gowns, to match her color palette of navy, blush, and gray (and the groomsmen's gray and navy outfits!). Her flower girls stole the show in pale pink tutu dresses from Etsy.

Danielle and Raj kept it short and sweet with a traditional ceremony infused with a few personalized elements, like a reading of "Blessing for a Marriage" by Janes Dillet Friedman. Because he helped both moms and the smallest flower girl down the aisle, Raj ended up making not one, but three trips to the altar!

Instead of a traditional seating chart or escort cards, Danielle and Raj used a map to highlight they've been or want to visit, and named their tables after each one. And instead of a guest book, they had guest sign vintage postcards.

After a ceremony outdoors near a fountain on the grounds, guests moved to a tented reception adjacent to the mansion. Tables were filled with three types of centerpieces, each including peach, pale pink and white flowers and gray foliage, and surrounded by votive candles and candleabras. Danielle and Raj took the dance floor with "Until You" by Shane Ward, and closed out the night with "Treasure" by Bruno Mars, before jetting off to a mini-moon in Miami. But their real honeymoon came three months earlier, when they had a Hindu wedding in India to honor Raj's heritage. A jet-setting couple, indeed!

Ceremony and Reception Venue: Longview Mansion || Bride's Wedding Dress: Enzoani || Shoes: Antonio Melani for Dillard's || Jewelry: Dillard's || Hair and Makeup: CaraSue Hall || Bridesmaids' Dresses: Bill Levkoff || Groom's and Groomsmen's Attire: Baroni || Wedding Bands and Engagement Ring: Mazzarese Jewelers || Florist: Hitched Planning and Floral || Invitations & Paper Goods: DIY || Music: Ceremony - Sunflower String Quartet, Reception - Two Guys, a Girl, and Some Speakers || Cake: Classic Cakes || Videography: Creative Films || Photography: Sharaya Mauck Photography

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American Idol Alum William Hung is Married!


Photos: Getty Images

William Hung is best known for his interesting (to put it gently) rendition of Ricky Martin's "She Bangs" in the season three American Idol auditions, and though he didn't win over Simon Cowell, he ultimately won something so much greater: Love! The 31-year-old Idol-hopeful-turned-administrative assistant reportedly got married on June 17!

RumorFix reports that the fan-favorite performer quietly tied the knot in Alhambra, California. In an apparent wedding photo, Hung is seen dressed in a classic black tux and bow tie with his bride, a lovely young woman wearing what looks like a cap-sleeved lace wedding dress and crystal headpiece. One thing we know for sure? The pair is all smiles!

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According to the Daily Mail, the Chinese born singer rose to relative fame after his disastrous Idol audition. After receiving support and affection from fans around the world, Hung dropped out of school (he was a civil engineering student at UC Berkley!) and recorded three albums. He pursued this musical career until 2011, when he took a job as a statistician for the LA County Sheriff's Department. Now, he works with the LA County Department of Public Health and seems to have given up the musical spotlight entirely in favor of a quiet life with his new bride.

While his time on the hit reality show was short lived, Hung never regretted his attempt at fame. E! News reports that Hung says the experience changed his life "definitely for the better because people know who I am, I get to associate with more people."

Could his new bride have been a fan of Hung's since that famed 2003 audition? It's certainly possible and would make for such a happy ending to Hung's tale. After all, Cowell didn't spare Hung's feelings when he bluntly told him, "You can't sing, you can't dance, so what do you want me to say?"

Regardless of why or how this couple met, we're just thrilled for that Hung has finally found someone who will say "yes" to him! But we do have to wonder: Did the Idol-alum burst out into his famed song at the reception? We can only hope.

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The Best Way to Get Flat Abs Before Your Honeymoon (No Crunches Required!)

Crunch-less Pre-Wedding Workout Flat Abs

Photo: Getty Images

Want to get killer abs for your honeymoon without the endless monotony of millions of crunches? Turns out, it is possible. The secret? Planks. "They're very, very effective and they work the entire core," says David Kirsch, a celebrity trainer in New York City and creator of the David Kirsch Wellness Co line of supplements. Here, Kirsch shares three ways to take your plank game to the next level.

The intensified plank.
The standard plank is great, sure, but as Kirsch says, "raise the bar." Once you're in the regular plank position, stretch your arms and legs so that you're holding yourself up with your fingertips and toes. (It's tough!) Beginners should aim to hold the position for 10 to 30 seconds, increasing to a minute or more over time.

The T-stand.
Get in a side plank position, but instead of resting on your forearm, hold yourself up with your hand and raise your other arm straight up so that your body forms a sideways T. Bring your top hand down, tuck it in under your torso, and bring it back up. Do 10 reps on each side.

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The walking plank.
Get into a plank, then walk your hands back so that your body forms a pike or upside-down V, and finish by walking your hands back to the starting position. Repeat ten times.

For more quick (but killer!) plank moves, check out Kirsch's X-Press Plank Workout.

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Carson Daly and His Fianc

It's a girl! @CarsonDaly welcomes new baby London Rose http://t.co/ibM2qyQUaJ pic.twitter.com/pc6xL8s56r

— TODAY (@TODAYshow) August 21, 2014

Carson Daly may work the Orange Room on the Today Show, but as of yesterday, he's seeing pink: His fiancée Siri Pinter gave birth a baby girl, whom they named London Rose!

The Today show announced the happy news on Twitter this morning with the message and photo seen above. London is the couple's third child; they also have nearly two-year-old daughter Etta and five-year-old son Jackson. Daly, who also hosts The Voice, announced his engagement to Pinter, a food blogger, in October.

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Baby London has some similarly-aged company in the Today Show family — the show's co-host Savannah Guthrie had a baby girl just last week! Daly excitedly told his colleagues more information on his fiancée's new arrival on the morning show, saying, "Baby and Siri are right here, they are doing very well."

He also explained the beautiful name. "Rose was my grandma's name...so we have a lot of family history in the names," he said. "Even when little London came out, we were still throwing out our last-minute shortlist, and London Rose Daly was the one."

With his newest addition safe and sound, could it be time for him to tie the knot with his longtime love? If his quotes on family, we wouldn't be surprised if he and Pinter turn their wedding into an affair involving their bigger brood! "I'm a family man first and foremost. Everything I do in this business, it all pays off when I come home," he told People in January.

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How to Master Winged Eyeliner for Your Big Day — Straight from Lauren Conrad's Makeup Artist!

Lauren Conrad Cat Eye

Photo: FilmMagic

Lauren Conrad, one of our favorite brides-to-be, may change up her lip color or experiment with ombre hair, but she's never without her signature cat eye. Since the winged-out look is perfect for your pre-wedding parties or even your wedding day, we asked Lauren's makeup artist (and co-founder of The Beauty Department) Amy Nadine to share the tricks to Lauren's liner — luckily, it's super easy to pull off.

1. Try a skinny brush.
A fat one creates a thick, bold line, but Lauren's look is so subtle because she uses a tiny brush, Nadine says. Either look for a liquid liner that has a extra-small brush or choose a gel liner and paint it on with the smallest brush you can find. Nadine loves MAC Fluid Line in BlackTrack and Cozzette's P 375 Stylist Eyeliner Brush.

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2. Go lash by lash.
It's tempting to draw it all in one long swoop, but breaking up the process makes for fewer mistakes, Nadine says. Prop your elbow on a counter to anchor your arm (less wobbling!), grab your liner, and position it at the inner corner of your eye. Draw a short line as close to your lashes as possible — it should only be about four lashes wide. Pause, backtrack a tiny bit, then draw another line, slightly overlapping the first, over the next four lashes, and so on.

3. Master the wing.
One you reach the outer corners, it's time for the actual "cat eye" part of your cat eye. Lately, Nadine says, Lauren's been going for a smaller wing — extended just enough to elongate her eye shape, but not long enough to look retro. Position your brush at the corner of your bottom lash line, then follow its natural curve outward and flick up just a tiny bit — about the length of one lash. Once you've drawn on the bottom part, extend your upper liner to meet it, and fill in. Done!

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The Best Bronzers for Fair-Skinned Brides

Best Bronzers for Brides

Photo: Joshua Jordan

We firmly believe that brides-to-be with porcelain skin should show off their gorgeous complexions with pride, but we totally understand the urge to join the bronzed crowd once in a while — especially when you're engaged and everyone is talking about that coveted bridal glow. Every fair-skinned girl knows she must tread lightly when it comes to bronzer, though. Far too many of them are too dark, too orange or too glittery — finding one that's just right can be quite a feat. So we enlisted our pale-skinned editors to round up the prettiest, most natural-looking bronzers to give you the perfect wedding-day glow.

Best for All-Over Color: Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Sheer Colour SPF 15 in #10, $57.50, Chanel
Our tester immediately fell in love with the subtle glow this product gave her. "It's not a classic bronzer, but more of a finishing powder and bronzer hybrid," she says. "It adds just a touch of color to enhance my milky complexion. Plus, the chic black and ivory case isn't too shabby either."

Best for a Hit of Shimmer: Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed in Moonstone, $38, Becca
Coercing this bronzer-averse editor to not only try a bronzer, but a shimmery one at that, was quite difficult. "I started with the smallest swipe on my cheekbones, forehead and nose," our tester says. "I was pleasantly surprised at how sheer it is — you'll never be at risk of putting on too much product in one go." She realized that the little shimmering pigments blurred imperfections by diffusing the light. "My skin looked so even," she says. "Someone actually commented on how great my complexion looked! It's perfect for brides who want that lit-from-within glow."

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Best Blush Substitute: Almay Smart Shade Blush in Coral, $11.49, Drugstore.com
Ok, so this one might technically be a blush, but for fair-skinned girls, it's really more of a blush-slash-bronzer. Our tester wore it two ways: on her cheeks as a warm blush, and all-over to make it seem like she'd just returned from a day at the beach — minus the red, blotchy sunburn. "It's a perfect two-in-one product for minimalist brides," she says. "It also somehow does what it claims to do and self-adjusts to your skin tone so it never looks unnatural."

Best for Freckled Complexions: Guerlain Terracotta Light Sheer Bronzing Powder in Blondes #02, $52, Sephora
A mix of pink and tan pigments makes this one perfect for brides with freckled, peaches-and-cream complexions. (We're talking to you, red-headed girls!) "It's a powder formulation, but it's so finely milled that it has an almost cream-like texture," our tester says. "It brightened up my complexion so perfectly and lasted for the entire work day! It might be expensive, but definitely worth the splurge if you can swing it."

Best for Problematic Skin: Physicians Formula Magic Mosaic in Beige/Warm Beige, $13.99, Ulta
If you're acne-prone, oily, or have sensitive skin, this one is for you. Our tester is very cautious about what she puts on her skin and this didn't irritate it in the least. "I love the versatility of this bronzer," she says. "It's a palette with color gradations, so you can either mix all of the shades together or use the darker shades in the summer and the lighter shades in the winter. There's one small section that has shimmer in it, so you can either take that or leave it, too. And of course, it gave me great color without looking the least bit orange!"

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What We're Pinning: Amazing Wedding Hairstyles!

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Wedding hairstyles come in all shapes and styles — from romantic, flowy curls with flower crowns to classic chignon or bun updos. Most brides have at least an idea of what kind of look or vibe (bohemian, traditional, modern, and so on) they want by the time they go to their hair trial, while many others have an exact photo of the hairstyle they're going for — and it's usually pulled from Pinterest!

We're constantly scouring Brides.com and beyond for hair inspiration from celebrities, real brides, and experts so our Pinterest "Wedding Hairstyles" board features something for everyone. Whether you like getting exciting ideas for everyday 'dos or you're looking for that perfect style for your big day, our board is the best place to browse. We highlighted a few of our favorite pins to get you going. Read about them below and don't forget to follow us on Pinterest for more wedding ideas of all kinds!

As with so many other wedding details, the brides in our real weddings often have some of the best hairstyles out there! Case in point: This simply perfect softly-curled half-up-half-down 'do, to which the bride added live ivory lisianthus and garden roses. It's an example in classic elegance, with a fresh twist. Though this bride got married on a bright, sunny day in California, this is a look that could work for nearly any style of nuptials.

Brides' hair comes in all lengths and textures. Sure, that romantic braid topped with a flower crown looks pretty, but what if you have super-cute short hair? No problem! Cropped 'dos, like the chic one seen above, are equally wedding-worthy and totally stylish. All you need to know is how to style it. Browse our page for inspiration for all lock lengths.

Best Pinterest wedding hairstyles Maria Menounos

Photo: Getty Images

Maria Menounos's wedding-perfect braided updo from this year's Oscars is proof as to why celebrities are an amazing source of wedding inspiration. Along with her Johanna Johnson gown, she rocked this totally trendy look with confidence. It's no wonder it's been such a hit on Pinterest!

Like what you see? Check out all of our hairstyles on Pinterest and don't forget to follow BRIDES

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4 Pre-Wedding Face Masks We're Loving Right Now

Wedding Face Peel

Photo: Getty Images

Even if you've been diligently cleansing, toning and moisturizing for months, your skin could use a little extra TLC before your wedding day.

If you've got 10 minutes to spare, try one of these new, face-tingling formulas. Some add an extra jolt of moisture, some draw impurities from your skin, and some pack instant anti-aging power, but all have one thing in common: They make for clearer, brighter, ultra-glowy skin under your veil. Start slathering, brides-to-be!

Origins GinZing: A must-try before you get in the makeup chair on your wedding, day, this energizing mask warms in your hands, then cools as it dries on your face. Caffeine and ginseng help reduce dark circles, while cucumber and mushroom extracts brighten tired skin after a long rehearsal dinner. $24, available at Origins

Joanna Vargas Exfoliating Mask: Microbeads no more! This soothing mask uses lactic acids and fruit enzymes to remove dead skin cells and brighten your complexion for your wedding day. Plus, anti-aging ingredients like Vitamin C and hyaluronic acid erase fine lines and tired skin in your photos. $75, available at Dermstore.

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Yes to Tomatoes Skin Clearing Facial Mask: This clarifying mask packs two powerhouse ingredients: tomatoes, which contain lycopene, a powerful anti-aging antioxidant; and clay from the Dead Sea, which draws oil out from your skin. Anti-inflammatory vitamins round out the mix, making for smoother, clearer skin without that clay-mask tight feeling. $10, available at Amazon.

GlamGlow POWERMUD Dualcleanse Treatment: Get ready for your cleanest. Skin. Ever. This mask's formula combines four types of moisturizing oils, four types of detoxing clays, and a mix of cleansers and exfoliators to wash away impurities. Slather on the mask, let the clay draw dirt out of your pores for 10 minutes, then gently slough it off like a scrub. $69, available at Sephora

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20 Pretty 'Dos for Short-Haired Brides

No time to grow out your locks for your big day? Don't fret! Your wedding-day hair can look just as bridal and beautiful at shoulder, chin, or pixie-length.

There are plenty of wedding-worthy ways to wear your bob — whether you want to keep it sleek and straight or go the romantic route and make it wavy. You can also pin up short curls to add extra volume up top, or, if you're hair is on the longer end of the cropped-cut spectrum (like the very fashionable lob) your stylist may even be able to treat your tresses to a braid (or two!).

As for accessories, look to your wedding style for inspiration. For a Great Gatsby-inspired look, channel the 20s with a flapper standby: side-swept finger curls (potentially accompanied by a punchy red lip and luxe fur shawl) and an Old Hollywood-esque, crystal-embellished barrette. Want to go the retro route? Try a beloved birdcage veil or an oh-so-Jackie O white pillbox hat. A shimmering tiara or ultra blinged-out headband is perfect for the bride looking to have her princess moment, while boho brides will love flower crowns. Romantic, preppy, and beach brides, on the other hand, might want to throw a single, oversized bloom into the mix.

Hungry for more short hairstyle ideas? Look to these real brides — with trimmed tresses too! — for some serious cropped locks inspiration. We promise they won't disappoint.

Click through the complete slideshow to see all of our favorite short hairstyles worn by real brides.

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10 Foods You Should Never Eat Before Your Wedding


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Considering all of the teeth whitening treatments you've tried (and spent money on!) within the past six months, you really don't want to ruin your smile just before your wedding day. To keep your pearly whites sparkling down the aisle, we spoke to two New York City-based cosmetic dentists to find out the foods you should absolutely avoid — no matter how tempting that glass of Merlot looks at the rehearsal dinner.

While we're not telling you to forgo coffee all together while wedding planning (we're sure the extra dose of caffeine helps you deal with that pre-wedding to-do list!), just don't take your java black. Instead, add a creamer to lighten the liquid. "Coffee can be dehydrating to the mouth, so there is little saliva produced to wash away the stain," says Dr. Nancy Ronsen.

Also, watch out for refined carbohydrates like crackers, cookies, and white bread — the sugars in the starch can do major damage to your teeth. Something else you should avoid? Red wine. "The sediments found in red wine contributes to its high staining power, and the fine particles seep into the tooth's pores," explains Dr. Gregg Lituchy of Lowenberg & Lituchy.

And though they're great for your diet, blueberries can wreak havoc on your smile since the deep blue color can darken your teeth. Our experts advise adding them to a yogurt smoothie and washing them down through a straw rather than eating them whole. The straw prevents the berries from making direct contact with your teeth, so the potential damage is greatly reduced.

Want to know what other foods you shouldn't eat before your big day? Check out the below link to read the rest of the list!

Click here to see the 10 foods that will stain your teeth before the wedding!

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The Best Celebrity Bridal Beauty Looks of the Week


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From dramatic, dark red lipstick to retro eye makeup and fuss-free, summer braids, this week ran the gamut in the world of celebrity beauty. One thing they all had in common? Whether with bright blush or shimmering bronzer, everyone was sporting perfect, glowing complexions — the most important wedding-day accessory. Here, the looks we loved.

Marion Cotillard at the London Premiere of Two Days, One Night (above): Matching peach blush and sheer lip gloss gave this French beauty a light, summery glow. Her wispy chignon is so low maintenance — we just love it when every hair isn't supposed to be in place! Try her look for a destination wedding and wear it with a soft, chiffon dress and metallic sandals to channel your inner-French girl.


Photo: Getty Images

Shay Mitchell at the Teen Choice Awards: Paired with an undone side braid, Shay made her glamorous, polished makeup seem effortless. For all of you fall brides, try her dark red lip — it would look so good with an autumnal color palette.


Photo: Getty Images

Taylor Swift at the New York City Premiere of The Giver: We are loving Taylor's chic, side-parted bob — it's simultaneously youthful and sophisticated. Worn with bronze makeup and a pop of bright pink lipstick, this would be just the thing for an evening wedding in the city.


Photo: Getty Images

Nina Dobrev at the Los Angeles Premiere of Let's Be Cops: Nina shows us how to wear your hair down while maintaining volume and keeping it off your face. With rosy cheeks, sheer pink lips and super-long eyelashes, she incorporated the perfect amount of retro appeal into her look. Try this for an afternoon wedding and be sure to pair it with knockout earrings, since this half-up hairstyle will let them be on full display.


Photo: Getty Images

Rosamund Pike at the London Premiere of Hector and the Search for Happiness: When in doubt, go classic. With shiny, blonde locks and timeless red lipstick, Rosamund's beauty look is so reminiscent of an Alfred Hitchcock star. (Not a bad comparison to receive on your wedding day, no?) Whether you pair it with a slim sheath or traditional ball gown, this one works with practically any type of dress.

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In-Office Skincare Procedures Perfect for Mothers of the Bride

dermatologist skincare procedures for mothers of the bride

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Since we know brides-to-be aren't the only ones who are stepping up their skincare game in the months leading up to the wedding, we've decided to give a little bit of love to another major player: mothers of the bride. What better excuse, after all, than your daughter's wedding to finally fix that nagging skincare concern? We spoke to NYC-based dermatologist Amy Wechsler, who pinpointed procedures to solve all of your problems (skin-related, that is.)

For an overall glow:
Microdermabrasion and glycolic peels gently remove the dull, outer layer of skin to reveal a pretty, healthy-looking complexion. As you age, your cells don't rejuvenate as quickly, which is why you need more exfoliating help from treatments and products to speed up the process. Consult your dermatologist to see how many treatments you'll need, but even one will give you significant results. "It will help your makeup sit better on the day of the wedding," Wechsler says. "Your foundation won't settle into little crevices." Another plus? These treatments can be done last minute if time is of the essence, but give yourself at least one week before the big day if you're a first-timer. Expect to pay about $275 for a glycolic peel and $300 for microdermabrasion. To look extra glowy, use Restorsea Renormalizing Serum, which helps to brighten skin.

For dark spots:
While over-the-counter lightening creams (such as Clinique Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector) can help fade hyperpigmentation, years of deep-seated sun exposure needs something stronger to penetrate below the surface. Enter the fraxel laser. Although it's expensive — it can be priced at $1,650 per session — a fraxel laser doesn't only eradicate dark spots, but also helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. You'll need plenty of time before the wedding to get this treatment done, however, so get to the derm for a consultation as soon as your daughter gets engaged.

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For wrinkles:
At about $750 per treatment, Botox dramatically reduces dynamic wrinkles by paralyzing muscles so they can't contract. (What are dynamic wrinkles, you ask? The type that form when you make facial expressions. They're commonly found across the forehead and around the eyes.) Wechsler recommends getting a Botox injection about two months before the wedding day, since the effects last from four to six months. For crepey, static wrinkles, the fraxel laser, along with wrinkle-reducing serums and creams, can be of help. Try Shiseido Benefiance Wrinkle Resist 24 Night Cream.

For sagging skin:
More concerned with drooping skin than wrinkles? If you're ready to pay the big bucks (and have a few months before the wedding), try Thermage. At about $4,000 per treatment, this laser promotes collagen production to tighten and firm skin. It can also be used on your neck and eye area, but if you have a severe case of drooping eyelids, surgery might be required. Whatever you do, though, be sure to moisturize — and don't overlook your neck! "It's common to forget but such an easy, important thing to do," Wechsler says. "It really helps to improve the texture of your skin." Try Neutrogena Healthy Skin Firming Cream for your face and Clarins Bust Beauty Extra Lift Gel for your neck and décolletage.

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Calling All Mothers of the Bride: 6 Ways to Look 5 Years Younger with Makeup


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You may be old enough to have a son or daughter getting married, but that doesn't mean you have to look that way! We rounded up a few easy beauty tricks that will take years off mothers of the bride (and groom!) — instantly.

1. Remember that less is more with foundation.
It may be tempting to grab a full-coverage base and camouflage everything in sight, but that's the wrong approach. "Too much makeup will just settle into lines and wrinkles and feel heavy," says makeup artist Daniel Martin. Go with a sheer, light-reflecting foundation — it will provide just enough coverage to blur imperfections, while also brightening. Try Yves Saint Laurent Le Teint Fusion Ink Foundation or L'Oreal Magic Nude Liquid Powder.

2. Think pink.
Dark colors can make lips look thinner. (Exactly what you don't need, right?) Opt for lighter shades like rose, mauve, and pink, and consider going with glosses over lipstick — they'll trick the eye into making your lips appear plumper.

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3. Don't be afraid to blush.
Grandma was right: You do need a little color on your cheeks. "It adds youthfulness and radiance," says Martin. Grab a big fluffy brush and swirl a rosy shade on the apples of your cheeks and tops of your cheekbones to instantly liven up your face.

4. Shimmer subtly.
Iridescent glittery eye shadow is a no-no once you're out of high school. For everyone else, the key is to shimmer, not sparkle. Choose a shade that's close to your skin tone with just a hint of radiance to "brighten your eyes and look luminous," says Martin.

5. Boost your lashes.
Eyelashes tend to get sparse as we age, but we've got you covered: Brush on a few coats of black volumizing mascara (try Maybelline Volum' Express Pumped Up Colossal Waterproof Mascara), then apply two to three individual falsies (we like Ardell DuraLash Flare) for additional fullness. If your eyes tend to droop at the edges, Martin recommends placing the individual lashes at the corners to help eyes look lifted; adding the falsies towards the center will make your eyes look more open.

6. Master your brows.
Coloring your arches too dark is an instant ager. To avoid the super severe look, pick an eyebrow pencil that's one to two shades lighter than your natural hair color. "If you go with one that matches exactly, it will look very harsh," says Martin. We like Chanel Crayon Sourcils Sculpting Eyebrow Pencil.

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To Share or Not to Share? That Is the Engagement-Period Question

Engagement Social Media Etiquette

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In the afterglow of an engagement or in the throes of wedding planning, it's simple — if not natural! — to take to social media, sharing every photo, every idea and even a countdown to your big day. But a recent study revealed that people dislike others who post too many details about their relationships, sappy messages to their partner and "relfies" (selfies taken with your significant other).

"Too often, we end up comparing ourselves to others and wondering if we are being shortchanged in life — especially when it comes to relationships," explains Shannon Belew, author of The Art of Social Selling. "The problem escalates when sharing becomes a seemingly endless stream of status updates and pictures from these super cute and happy couples. And as you would expect, newly-engaged couples and brides have a tendency to over share."

So what's a bride-to-be to do? While there's no magic formula to prevent over-sharing, these simple tips should keep you from losing Facebook friends.

— Make sure you're mixing up the number and type of posts you're putting online each day. "Balance out the number of all-about-you posts by sharing and commenting on posts from others," suggest Belew. "And share a greater amount of non-personal posts, like trending videos, interesting articles and news."

— Consider sharing milestone events when in comes to your engagement and wedding, such as your engagement party and bridal shower photos, and leave out the updates on your floral choices.

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— "If you're worried you might be crossing the line of over-sharing, look to your friends for confirmation," Belew says. "Indicators that you're over-sharing often come directly from your friends' responses — or their lack of responses." So if the number of likes or positive comments on your posts start to dwindle, consider dialing it back a bit.

— Friends, family members and especially coworkers who see you post about your engagement and wedding but who are not involved in your planning or big day could be resentful of your updates. "You may also want to consider creating a specific list of your closest friends and post the majority of updates only to that list," Belew suggest. "Then, you can make sure that fewer posts go out to your 'public' list of Facebook contacts."

— But perhaps most importantly: "Don't feel bad about sharing exciting engagement and wedding news — it is your special day after all!" Belew says. "And your friends generally want to share in that happiness, but in measured amounts. Think about how you feel when friends over-share. If you can honestly admit that it's at a level where you would be irritated by the barrage of happiness, then your friends are probably over it, too."

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Creative Wedding Cake Toppers for All Types of Couples

Even the prettiest wedding cake can use some help to take it to the next level. Sure, you can top your dessert with colorful flowers or carefully-crafted fondant designs, but we'll always love the finishing effect of a creative cake topper. Couples are finding toppers that reflect their personal style, with adornments that range from playful to chic. Here are a few of our favorites:

Laser-Cut Sign (above): Laser-cut signs are affordable toppers that look elegant and luxe, but won't break your budget. We love cute sayings, like the one seen above, but your initials or wedding date would also work.

Modern Figurines: Animal figurines have become wildly popular topper options, but these little blue bears are among our favorites. Paired with a chalkboard-inspired mini sign, they're perfect for a quirky couple.

Classic Figurines: If you do want to go the traditional route, this a great way to make typical bride and groom figurines feel a bit more fresh. A playful bunting banner makes the look less formal, and you can customize it to say just about anything you'd like.

A Classic Bunting Banner: A custom-made banner is perfect for a rustic or casual bash. This option, with the bride and groom's names, is understated and elegant.

A Thematic Topper: Find a topper that represents a hobby you and your groom share. This playful tandem bike is playful, but still looks stylish atop the tiered dessert.

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Wedding Hairstyles 101: How to DIY This Dreamy Half-Up Look

Half-Up Wedding Hairstyle

While classic buns or chic twists are perennially popular wedding hairstyles, not every bride wants a super formal up-do on her big day. In fact, many modern brides are choosing romantic, flowing hairstyles that look effortless, yet still feel special enough to be paired with a gorgeous wedding dress. But if you're the type of bride-to-be who wants a look that's formal and relaxed, consider this half-up hairstyle.

Thanks to a cool center part, light-as-air curls, and a volumized crown, this dreamy look will perfectly suit the bride-to-be who wants an elevated version of her everyday style on her big day. And, surprisingly, it's super easy to achieve, meaning you can try this style on your own, too! Consider it for your rehearsal dinner, bridal shower, or even your bachelorette party so you can test drive it before you walk down the aisle.

Follow our step-by-step instructions to master this half-up hairstyles and watch the look come to life in the video below!

1. Center part your hair. Then, using a one-inch barrel curling iron, curl sections of your hair.
2. Lightly tease the section of hair at your crown.
3. Leaving out face-framing pieces, pull back the top half of your hair and secure it with bobby pins. Keep your hair center parted.
4. Gently secure the face-framing pieces at the back of your head with bobby pins.
5. Brush out your curls a bit so they don't look too perfect and finish with a touch of flexible-hold hairspray.
6. Smile!

[embedded content] Video by Fantasma Films; Hair: David Cotteblanche for Red Market Salon; Makeup: Gina Monte for Red Market Salon

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Bigger Weddings Lead to Happier Marriages, a New Study Says!

Big Wedding Means Happier Marriage

Photo: IFC Films/Courtesy Neal Peters Collection

Throwing a small wedding? You might want to think again. According to a new report from the National Marriage Project, couples who throw larger, more formal weddings generally have happier marriages.

The survey asked 418 recently married couples a series of questions, aiming to find a correlation between the size of the couple's big day and the quality of their marriage, the Washington Post reports. "Quality of marriage" came down to a set of questions related to happiness in the union, such as how often they confide in one another, if they have any thoughts of breaking up, and general questions about how the marriage has been going.

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The study found that the more formal the wedding, the happier the marriage — and a good 41 percent of subjects surveyed had just that, as opposed to the 28 percent who didn't throw an outlandish affair. The study also found that couples who had children before getting married (like so many of our favorite celebs) were less likely to have a formal wedding, and thus, were less happy in their marriages.

The number of guests subjects had at their wedding also largely correlated with marital bliss. Participants with 150 guests or more accounted for 47 percent of happy marriages. Fewer guests corresponded with the lower percentile of happy marriages. Of course, the authors of this study couldn't account for outside factors like the wedding's price or how much either set of parents contributed to the budget.

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If this all seems like some sort of conspiracy to get people to plan big, fancy weddings, it's not! Other psychologists have backed up this theory, as well. As Galena K. Rhoades and Scott M. Stanley, the authors of this most recent study, wrote in their findings:

"[T]here is some reason to believe that having more witnesses at a wedding may actually strengthen marital quality. According to the work of psychologist Charles Kiesler (Kiesler, 1971), commitment is strengthened when it is publicly declared because individuals strive to maintain consistency between what they say and what they do."

Remember, though, to take this data with a grain of salt. While having more family and friends present to witness your commitment may make your marriage happier, the sample here is relatively small. At the end of the day, you should have the wedding of your dreams, and the rest should all fall into place!

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5 Fun Ways to Surprise Your Guy at His Bachelor Party

Fun Flirty Ways to Surprise Fiance at Bachelor Party

Photo: Getty Images

Popping out of a giant cake in a blingy bridal bikini at your guy's bachelor party is one thing (may we strongly suggest you don't do this), but sending him a sweet surprise that'll only enhance his night and make all his boys think you're like, the best fiancé ever? Now, that's something we can totally get on board with. Whether your man is headed to the Big Apple or Sin City, you're sure to impress him with one of these five fun and flirty surprises, courtesy of Joanne Barken, founder of The Bach.

1. A New York City Bachelor Party
If there's one way to a man's heart, it's definitely through his stomach! "While you don't want to micromanage your groom's bachelor party plans, sending him a fun surprise while he's away with his boys is a sweet way to let him know you care," says Barken. For Big Apple-partygoers, there's nothing quite like bagels and coffee to nurse a bad hangover the morning after. Barken suggests surprising the guys and ordering them a delivery of bagels, cream cheese, lox and coffee after their big night out. Check the hotel menu too, as any and all morning munchies (no matter what they are) are bound to be appreciated.

2. An Outdoorsy Bachelor Party
If your groom is off to the wilderness for a few days with his buddies, Barken recommends baking a batch of his favorite cookies or sweet treats for him to share with the guys around the campfire. Stash them in his bag or car last minute, along with a cute note addressed to everyone. "If you're a bit challenged in the kitchen, just mix up some tasty trail mix for them to munch on while hiking," Barken adds.

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3. A Miami Bachelor Party
If the boys are Miami bound, you can pretty much guess how they'll be spending a majority of their time: hitting up clubs and fist pumping at pool parties. "Surprise them with a bottle of the groom's favorite liquor to help them keep the celebration going," offers Barken. Or, you know, get the party started in the first place.

4. An Austin or Nashville Bachelor Party
The live music-loving groom will appreciate all of the performances he can squeeze into a guys' weekend (and then some!), points out Barken. "Find a local musician in the area and coordinate with the best man to have the artist join them for a jam session while they pregame." Bonus points if it's someone your guy really digs.

5. A Las Vegas Bachelor Party
No bachelor party in Vegas is complete without a suite! Barken advises calling ahead and upgrading your groom's hotel room to an awesome suite. "Just have the hotel put the difference on your credit card. Both him and his friends will love having a cool spot to pregame at," she says.

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How to Choose a Destination Wedding Venue Without Seeing It in Person

Just because you're getting married in paradise doesn't mean you have the time or money to fly back and forth whenever you want (ugh, we wish though!). While it certainly isn't ideal to book a wedding venue site unseen, you can do so with the utmost confidence by following these simple tips.

1. Check it out via Skype
Thank goodness for modern technology! If you absolutely can't wait to set a date, ask your planner (or a local friend or family member) to visit your favorite venues for you and do a virtual walk-through via Skype or Facetime, suggests Charleston-based wedding planner Francesca DiSalvo-Follmer of Pure Luxe Bride.

2. Use Google maps
According to Isadora Martin-Dye, owner of Rixey Manor in Virginia, photographers can be very clever in concealing bordering eyesores, such as a noisy highway. To avoid a potential wedding disaster, she recommends using Google maps to peep aerial photos of the venue or resort before you book. "Study what is neighboring your dream location so you won't be surprised later."

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3. Know the neighbors
Beautiful brochures and wedding websites may fail to mention one pretty important detail: the neighbors. Is your venue located on the same street as a nightclub? Your guests may not appreciate music blasting until 4 a.m.

4. Find out about any renovation plans
There really is nothing worse than booking the wedding venue of your dreams only to show up a year later and the place is unrecognizable. "I've heard horror stories of brides that are planning a wedding in a beautiful resort, only to find out when they arrive that construction, and updates to key features that drew them there in the first place, like a pool, are out of commission," notes Martin-Dye. "Make sure that someone can confirm (and get in writing) that your day will not be disrupted by building crews," she advises.

5. Browse local wedding blogs
In addition to checking out the venue's own website, DiSalvo-Follmer says it's a great idea to browse local wedding blogs and search the venue name to see galleries of different weddings and how the space was utilized. That way, you can get a better feel as to whether or not it will work for your vision and guest list.

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WATCH: Our Favorite Celebrity Couples Take on the #ALSIceBucketChallenge & the Results Are Adorable

[embedded content]

Taking the social media world by storm over the course of the past few weeks, the #ALSIceBucketChallenge has raised a ton of awareness and millions of dollars for this worthy cause. Celebs have not only been happy to participate, but eager to nominate one another too. Our favorite of the icy bunch? Adorable, A-list married couples who choose to take the challenge together. Below, take a look at the cutest star pairs' ice bucket challenge videos!

[embedded content]

John Krasinski and Emily Blunt: When the new parents of baby Hazel took on the challenge, it was, unsurprisingly, funny and original. First, John did the challenge with a tiny mug, shortly after which Emily Blunt walks on by and dumps a huge bucket of ice water onto him. To get his wife back, John ambushes Emily when she's carrying groceries from the car. "What are you doing?!" she asks confused as he's running towards her with a tub of ice water. Watch both videos above!

[embedded content]

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner: When it came time for Ben to do the ice bucket challenge, the Affleck's proved, yet again, that their relationship is forever strong and absolutely adorable. After listing who he nominates — including his wife holding the bucket next to him — Jen dumps the icy bucket over his head. Immediately after, Ben pulls her into the pool with him. The cutest part, though, are their kids giggles in the background. Watch above!

I'm getting nervous fashion bunnies! 😬 x vb #ALS #icebucketchallenge https://t.co/IBqjFPRvRe

— Victoria Beckham (@victoriabeckham) August 19, 2014

David Beckham and Victoria Beckham: Posh and Becks are probably one of our all-time favorite celeb couples. And while they didn't do the challenge together, Victoria posted the video of David Beckham getting dumped with water (which, is enough for us — look at those abs!) hinting that she was up next.

Have a favorite celebrity couple ice bucket challenge video of your own? Sound off on our Facebook page!

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5 Things That You Might Not Realize Are Ruining Your Wedding Photos

You've spent months prepping and primping for your wedding day, and you've hired your dream photographer to capture it all. The last thing you want is to have little distractions ruin an otherwise perfect shot. Luckily, that doesn't have to happen. We asked wedding photographers Trent Bailey, owner of Trent Bailey Photography, and Jacob Whyman, founder of Whyman Studios, to share five things to keep in mind that could be negatively impacting your photos.

1. Brands and Logos
Powering up for your big day with a venti skim latte? Make sure you move that Starbucks cup out of view before your photographer starts shooting your getting ready photos. "Anything that is not relevant to the scene — in this case you getting your hair or makeup done — takes away from the shot," says Whyman. "And random logos always look distracting in photos."

2. Guests in the Aisle
Usually when shooting the processional, the primary photographer is crouched down at the front of the aisle and the secondary photographer is following the bride from behind. If Uncle Bob suddenly pops (or even leans) into the aisle to get an iPhone pic, there goes your professional shot. "Make sure that guests stay out the aisle and are not holding phones — or even worse — iPads in the air trying to take photos," says Bailey.

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3. Speakers, Poles, and Microphone Stands
When it comes to shooting the ceremony, photographers have no choice but to work with what they're given. So don't give our photographer a ceremony setup cluttered with speakers and microphone stands. "If speakers are necessary, make sure to put them far away from the altar," says Bailey. Whyman adds: "Also don't put anything directly behind where the bride and groom are standing — for example, poles holding up decorations — or it might look like they have things coming out of their heads in the pictures."

4. Purses on the Tables
In order to get the gorgeous décor photos you want, make sure your photographer gets first access to the reception area, before you let any guests in, advises Whyman. "A couple purses here, a half empty drink there — and you've lost that pristine setting you wanted to capture."

5. Videography Equipment
Photographers and videographers are constantly competing the get the shot, and often in the process they get in each other's way. "If I'm shooting a first dance, the last thing I want to see in the background of the photo is another vendor at work," says Whyman. "My biggest recommendation here is to ask your photographer for videographer referrals. Often, photographers will be able to recommend someone they work well with and have a system in place so they're not getting in the other person's way."

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6 Wedding D

Reception Decor Don'ts

Photo: Lynne Brubaker Photography

When you're searching for reception décor inspiration, it's easy to find plenty of tips on what to do — from what type of tables you should rent and endless ideas for standout centerpieces. But even the prettiest details can be undone by little-known décor don'ts. So, in an effort to help you nail your decorative details, we came up with six pitfalls to help you ensure the prettiest reception ever.

Don't put bridesmaids' bouquets around the cake.
While decorating your reception space with your bridesmaids' bouquets can be a huge budget-saver, they just don't work around your wedding cake. After the ceremony, pop the arrangements in pretty vases and place them on your escort card table or bar.

Don't use floating or bright-white candles.
We love a candle-lit reception space, but pure-white candles can look harsh and tea lights suspended in water aren't as elegant as candelabras. Opt for buttery ivory tapers instead since this more subtle hue will lend a romantic vibe to your reception while the taller flames will feel formal.

Don't mix clashing textures on your tables.
Cloth napkins are a reception must, but avoid fabrics that pair poorly. For example, a satin napkin paired with a natural linen tablecloth is too jarring and will keep your reception tables from looking refined. Instead, pick one fabric in complementary colors to add variety.

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Don't have tables preset with bread rolls and butter balls.
For an elegant seated dinner, forgo the communal bread basket. If you do want to serve bread, the wait staff can provide fresh rolls with the first course.

Don't try napkin origami.
A simple rectangle looks crisp and neat, so forgo fancy folded options in favor of a classic fold. If you want something slightly more interesting, choose a bold color or decorative design.

Don't expose table legs.
No matter how lovely your tables are, if you've chosen to have tablecloths, make sure you're selecting the right length. Linens should "puddle" at the floor — meaning they'll gather slightly at the base of the table rather than hanging inches above the ground.

There's more!

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    50 Ways to Save $500 on Your Wedding

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The Ultimate Guide to Cruising the Caribbean

Caribbean Honeymoon Cruises

Photo: Getty Images

Narrowing down your dream honeymoon destination is a task (albeit, a fun one!) that's best to check off your to-do list well before your wedding. But if you're at a stalemate trying to pick between multiple Caribbean locales, then consider a cruise. Today's cruise lines offer world-class dinning, high-end accommodations, and the ability to visit several destinations without having to book another flight. We've compiled an all-inclusive guide to cruising the Caribbean with ease. From where to stay the night before your ship departs (hint: we recommend the Ritz-Carlton if your port is popular Fort Lauderdale) to how to spend your days at sea, we've got all the tips you'll need to ensure your cruise honeymoon is picture perfect.

A Caribbean cruise is ideal for honeymooners thanks to their all-inclusive rates, which means you won't have to tote cash or credit cards around the ship. Plus, you'll be able to appropriately budget for your post-wedding getaway far in advance. You can also book on-board spa treatments, lounge poolside, and visit some of the most spectacular islands by day. Remember to pick a cruise liner that hits at least a few of the following: St. Barts, Antigua, St. Lucia, and Grenada, along with the other more popular Caribbean locales. We've even created a handy guide for what to pack for your cruise, so you'll be stylish at the port, during "Captain's Night" and by the pool.

Ready to get planning?

Click through to see our honeymooners' guide to cruising the Caribbean!

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3 Things The Groom's Parents Should Do

Although the groom's parents have a smaller role than that of the mother of the bride and the father of the bride, they are considered co-hosts of the wedding, regardless of whether or not they've contributed financially. This is especially true if they uphold their end of certain responsibilities that are traditionally attributed to the parents of the groom. What do these include? Here are three etiquette guidelines that they should follow:

What kind of gift (if any) does the groom's parents give?
Whatever they feel appropriate, whether it's from the registry or not. Possibilities include a family heirloom, china, silver, or crystal, shares of stock, or perhaps a monetary gift to be put toward a car, a home, or the honeymoon.

What pre-wedding events do they throw?
They should arrange a pre-wedding get-together with the bride's parents, at their home or in a restaurant. Also, they traditionally host the rehearsal dinner. If the parents of the groom are from out of town, the bride's mother may suggest a site or caterer. However, the groom's parents are still invited to the rehearsal dinner even if they do not host it.

Which wedding expenses are the groom's parents generally in charge of?
These may include the engagement and wedding rings, marriage license, clergy fees, corsages, boutonnieres, bride's bouquet, usher's gifts, liquor, music, and honeymoon.

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Watch This Hilarious Video of a Best Man Toasting to the Tune of Frozen's "Let It Go"

[embedded content]

A good wedding toast covers a few key elements: it's preferably brief, thoughtful and sentimental. A great wedding toast, however, usually breaks all of these rules and reinvents what it means to honor a couple. Case in point: Best man Joe.

When Joey Boyes, who has now changed his Twitter handle to reflect his now famed role, was tapped to toast his best friend Dom Clark and his new wife Rebecca this past weekend, the creative groomsman penned a hilarious and incredibly sweet tribute to the tune of "Let It Go" from Frozen.

According to the Daily Mail, Boyes began working on the song six months ago. "I've known Dom all my life and I wanted to do something special. We both did theatre when we were young and Beck loves Disney so this seemed perfect," Boyes says.

As the music of the familiar Disney song starts to play, the guests roar with laughter. And as the best man croons his version of the first line, it's clear this thoughtful guy isn't just mimicking the original tune. "The bride wears white on her wedding tonight and her husband's looking. After years of dating mongers, he's finally found a queen," he sings.

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From his boisterous rendition, we learn that Dom played a role in the groom's outfit selection. "The groom, he too, looks great, I'm sure you'll all agree. He couldn't get it wrong 'cause he's dressed like me."

As he breaks into his version of the chorus, the couple and their guests can hardly contain themselves. "Best man Joe says hello to the couple with the brightest spark! Best man Joe says hello to the brand new Mrs. Clark. 'Cause here I stand on your wedding day, let us raise a glass."

He even shares an emotional tribute to the groom's late father, saying, "I know your dad is smiling up there on his cloud. And on behalf of him I want to tell you he's so proud."

To finish out the touching song, Joe invites the entire reception to stand and clink glasses in honor of the newlyweds. "Best man Joe says hello! Take your glass, let's raise a toast. 'Cause here we stand on their wedding day. To the newlyweds — hope this will be the perfect day."

All we can say is we wouldn't have wanted to be the maid of honor who followed Joe!

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