Melissa Joan Hart's mom fail: Been there, done that

Melissa Joan Hart had a fairly serious fail moment happen recently that I can commiserate with all too well.

E! News reports the actress “experienced a scary situation after she accidently locked her two-year-old son, Tucker, in her GMC Denali Tuesday.”

According to eyewitnesses, the 38-year-old and her husband, Mark Wilkerson, were on their way to a studio when the incident occurred.

As soon as they realized the situation, the couple called AAA Auto Insurance who rushed to the scene. They immediately opened the door with a slim jim tool, which resulted in the child being reunited with his mom and dad.

“No harm was done and Tucker was rescued,” an eyewitness told E! News. “AAA was able to open the door quickly.”

Tucker is the couple’s youngest child. His older brothers, pictured below, are 8-year-old Mason and 6-year-old Brady.

Melissa Joan Hart kids Melissa Joan Harts mom fail: Been there, done that

Via Twitter Melissa Joan Hart confirmed the reports of her motherhood mishap were accurate, and added an excuse in for being caught looking a little disheveled. She wrote late Wednesday:

“Yes Tuck is fine after locking himself in our car for a few mins on tues.&yes I looked a lil rough after just arriving home from a nite shoot & massive home construction!”

The situation is almost exactly the same as what had me in tears years ago.

My family had pulled into a shopping center, and my husband and firstborn popped out of the car to run an errand. I, who was staying in the vehicle with our 1-year-old, then decided to grab something out of the back hatch and somehow hit the lock button as I exited the vehicle.

I talked myself out of freaking out initially, since my husband was going to return momentarily — presumably with his keys in his pocket — only to discover he had left them with me. Both sets were locked inside.

We too called for a tow truck and thanked our lucky stars it wasn’t hot out and everyone was safe, but then our 3-year-old caught on to something was wrong and started asking questions. I couldn’t answer them without tearing up, and when the baby saw me crying through the window he started crying too…which the toddler heard and then had to join in on. It was a sad, sad situation.

Eventually the tow truck came and popped open the door and all was fine. Years later I can appreciate it was just a little mishap that’s almost funny, but in the moment I was kind of a wreck about it!

Photos: PR Photos

Mason and Brady are now bonafide big kids, but it wasn’t that long ago they were just wee ones. A look back at the eldest two of this star’s children, in our gallery of celebrity kids who love their pacifiers:

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